Why Bobcats should welcome MJ back into the league

Can you imagine seeing a 50 year old player in the NBA, most would say no unless his name is Michael Jeffrey Jordan. I’m not sure how likely this is to happen but if it does, count me in! It’s hard for me to see Michael Jordan wearing a Bobcats jersey but I’m pretty sure people would get used to it fast. Michael has reportedly beat Charlotte Bobcats rookie Michael Kidd-Gilcrest in a game of one on one. He has also said that he is down to his playing weight. Well this should settle it everybody, Michael Jordan is officially coming back! Alright it’s wishful thinking but c’mon imagine Lebron versus a 50 year old Michael Jordan. Lebron would clearly be more athletic than a aging MJ but you have to admit it would be must see television. Doesn’t matter how old Mike is, the vintage fadeaway jumps shot will always be unstoppable.

So let’s think about this, MJ allowed back into the league would be the most exciting thing for the NBA since……. MJ came back into the league. I don’t know about you but I want to see this happen. Once again wishful thinking, but it’s still nothing wrong with just hoping. Especially when it comes to his airiness. Michael Jordan said in his HOF speech to not be surprised if he is playing in the NBA at the age of 50. The crowd laughed as Mike quoted this, but Mike kept a serious look on his face and stated “oh don’t laugh.” Once again, I’m not saying I’m sure he’s coming back but don’t just completely rule it out. I mean this is a guy that was told he would never be good at playing the game of basketball and we all know how that turned out.



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