Should Dirk Go?(A Sad Story)

This is an emotional post for me, so I’m just going to get straight to the point on this one. Should the greatest player in Dallas Mavericks history stay or should he go? Now a lot of mavs fan might think this question is ridiculous, but I’m all about in doing what’s best for the team. Next to Michael Jordan, Dirk Nowitski is my favorite player of all time, but it is possible we may not be doing him any good if we let him stay on a team that’s not going anywhere for the time being. I have been a Mavs fan since the Reunion Arena days, the Michael Finley era and whenever we would sign guys like Dennis Rodman just to increase ticket sales (if any others Mavs fans out there remember that). Dirk has brought us some great times and a lot of good memories to smile about. Me personally, I would say my greatest Dirk memory was when he got the and 1 play against Manu Ginobli in The Western Conference Semi-finals that led us to beating the evil San Antonio Spurs. It is undeniable, he is an all-time great but my fellow MFFLs, I feel like the time has come for the Dallas Mavericks to let Dirk go..Maybe!?! Lets have a brief moment of silence………….. Alright we may need to highly consider this if next year we can’t get a big time free agent in the market. Dirk’s in his mid 30s , and he’s looking to win now. I feel that we would be holding him hostage if we decided to keep him with this team that could possibily be going nowhere. If we trade Dirk, we could possibly get some valuable players. Let’s just wait to see what this offseason brings my Mavs because if we don’t get that blockbuster free agent, then maybe we should take this into consideraation. Here’s a list of guys who all have something in common: Peyton Manning,Karl Malone,Joe Montana and Brett Favre. If u haven’t figured it out yet, they are all-time greats in their sport that ended their career playing with different organizations. Some more than others (cough cough) Brett Favre. Remember this, professional sports is all about that name on the front of the jersey, not the back. With that said, “Dear Mr.Cuban, Can you please bring Dirk some help for next year so we don’t have to trade him away for the better of the team”


A concerned Mavs fan


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