“Must see McGee”

Most NBA fans would say that there favorite players in the game today are guys such as Lebron James,Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant. Not me, my favorite player in the league right now is the one and only, Javelle McGee. Now for most casual basketball fans, they may not know who Javelle McGee is. Well, this is why I’m here to introduce you to him.

Remember that guy back in high school ball who was bound to make that bone-headed play at some point of the game. Well…Javelle McGee is that guy. McGee may be one of the most gifted athletes in the NBA, but his basketball IQ, not so! I have given him the nickname “Must-see McGee” because you are highly likely to see something entertaining while he is in the game. Whether it’s something good or bad, I’m not sure on that part, but you will see something worth watching. I encourage everybody to go look up Javelle McGee videos on YouTube because you are likely to get a good laugh in. If you watch the NBA on TNT, you will know that Javelle McGee is a regular on Shaquille Oneal’s weekly blooper segment “Shaqtin A Fool.” I think they should just rename that segment “The Javelle McGee show”, it’s only fitting! Another thing that amuses me about McGee are his reactions to his dumb bloopers. He goes about it as if he didn’t do anything wrong. One of my favorite Javelle McGee moments was when he tried to dunk from the free throw line during the game. Must I say that it didn’t end well, He probably was having an Air Jordan moment. I’m not saying that Javelle McGee is not a good player because I think he is; He can just have some mental breakdowns from time to time.

In my conclusion for this post, I want to make it known that I am thankful for guys like Javelle McGee. If I’m ever feeling down or depressed about something, then all I have to do is watch a Javelle McGee highlight reel on YouTube. I encourage you people out there to watch his videos because it really does help! So, let’s not take guys like Javelle McGee for granted because we only get some many Javelle McGee’s to watch during a lifetime. It’s guys like him that make the NBA go. So out of respect for Javelle McGee, I just want to take this time out to say “thank you.”. You make my life that more comical.

Ladies and Gentlemen…… Javelle “Must See” McGee



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