Spring Break Day 1:Magic Kingdom

Today marked the first day of my spring break, and I enjoyed every bit of it. This is the 3rd time me and my family have visited Walt Disney World, and I must admit this place never gets old. Also, family is very important to me and spending time with them means a lot, especially in such a happy place. The day at the park went great. The weather was fantastic,even though it does get cool at night here. There were a lot of people at the park today but the lines for the rides flowed pretty good. My favorite ride of the day was of course, Space Mountain. It’s probably the most known ride here at Magic Kingdom. Also, another of my favorites was the “It’s a small world” ride. I don’t care, go ahead and laugh at me. But the ride is very relaxing and also iconic. I’ve had the song stuck all day in my head. My favorite show of the day was “Preisdent’s Hall.” It was an informative show talking about the history of our country’s president. I know it sounds boring, but it was the total opposite. Overall, I enjoyed the first day out here in Orlando,Florida. Disney World can bring the little kid out of you and create great memories. Tomorrow will be Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios.



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