Spring Break Day 2: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I may be sounding like a Walt Disney World PR person with this post, but I really feel that Disney World has provided us and all their other visitors the best customer service possible. I think it’s probably the best I’ve seen out of any places I’ve been to. Every Disney employee we came in contact with greeted us with a smile and was willing to help us with anything we needed. Highly highly impressed, you really have to come to see what I’m talking about. I can see why people love to come back here.

Now that I’m done with my Disney World PR soliloquy(wink wink PR major speaking here), I want to talk about our time today at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It was every bit as great as Magic Kingdom, if not more. The theme of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is movies, and the park does a great job of giving you the experience when it comes to that. It’s the smallest of all the 4 major Disney theme parks, but there still is plenty to do. They give you a look at what movie making is all about. So, if your a big movie buff, I highly recommend to attend this park. When it comes to rides, there aren’t many, but you won’t need them. The shows and other attraction kept us busy for awhile. Lastly, the main attraction of Hollywood Studios is probably The Tower of Terror, and it was just as exciting as the last time I rode it. The Aerosmith Rockin Roller coaster was pretty legit too.

Overall, I enjoyed my day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. With me being a big movie buff, the theme of the park really fitted me. I enjoyed all the Hollywood scenery,the shows and most of all, the experience. Definitely a must go if you attend Disney World.

P.S: Pizza Planet from Toy Story actually does exist!
Courtesy of:Disneyworld.disney.go.com


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