“Throw it down big man, throw it down!!!”

deandre-jordan-over-brandon-knight1I can see it now, Bill Walton commentating the game and DeAndre Jordan dunking on Brandon Knight with authority. “Throw it down big man, throw it down”, that was Bill Walton famous call for whenever a big man would dunk the ball viciously. If not Bill Walton, then maybe Bill Raftery, who is known for his unique commentary during games. Point being, the dunk that DeAndre Jordan displayed for us Sunday night deserved an iconic call because it was that good! I think Brandon Knight may need some prayer after that dunk because he may not be all right in the head. The athletic ability of some of these players in the league today astounds me. How many seven-footers can actually jump like that? Not many at all. The athletic ability of the athlete is beginning to evolve, I believe. Now your seeing guys such as Dwight Howard,Blake Griffin and Javelle “Must See” McGee make athletic plays that guards usually make. EventuLly it will be common to see those type of guys make plays. It’s not even rare to see a guy get dunk on in the NBA anymore; you’re guaranteed to get at least one a night. I’m not sure if the skill set of this era’s basketball player is as good as the Michael Jordan 80s and 90s days, but the athleticism is better by far. If only some of these guys had the work ethic of a Michael Jordan. It would be scary how good some of these guys could be if that were the case.

Maybe Bill Walton will come out of his broadcasting retirement if he feels it’s worth his while. If guys like DeAndre Jordan decide to take that superb athleticism and add a great work ethic with it, then maybe he comes back. I need to hear that great call again….”Throw it down big man, throw it down!!!.”


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