Spring Break Day 3: The Holy Land Experience

The Holy Land Experience is something I recommend all believers and non-believers to attend. The park was truly a blessing today. The park was made to look like the city of Jerusalem back when Jesus walk the earth. I saw plenty of things to take pictures of today at the park such as a replica made to like The Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark and plenty of statues. But most of all, the thing that made this park special were the shows. The shows were all great, especially with the superb acting by the actors. I know that it was nothing but God to showcase his word through these people.

The last show of the day was about the birth and crucification of the son of God, Jesus Christ. I can even think of words to explain how much of a blessing this show was to me and everybody else in that theatre. It’s the type of show that could change somebody’s life. To see what Jesus did for me and everybody else by dying for our sins is amazing. All of this was reenacted in the play. I wish everybody could of seen this because it really touched me. It makes me want to become a better Christian because I am by no means perfect. I still sin, and I want to be more like how Jesus was. When he was beaten to death on the cross, Jesus still said to his father God “forgive them, for they know not what they do.”. If that’s not amazing, then I don’t know what is. I am a Christian, but I still have a long way to go. One of my favorite stories in the bible was when King David was forgiven for all of his sin, and now he gets to live in eternity in heaven with Jesus Christ. Well, the same goes for us, and I want to one day have my name in The Book of Life. That’s what makes our lord and savior Jesus Christ special. That’s not even all of what I got today out of The Holy Land Experience.

The Holy Land Experience was a blessing today. I hope everyone gets to visit this place and view the shows that I witnessed today. I guarantee you will leave with a life changing experience. I will now leave this post by saying something that is said through out the park, Shalom!



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