Spreak Break Day 4: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

As you can tell by my past post, I am a big fan of Walt Disney World. I like how Disney knows how to accommodate every all ages when it comes to their parks. Like I said before, this is my 3rd time that I have been to Disney, and I find something new to like about it every time I come. They really know how to please their visitors better than any other theme park, in my opinion.

Today, we visited Disney’s Animzl Kingdom. I would say that it is
probably the biggest of the 4 theme parks. But overall, the day in the park went good. I loved how different areas in the park had their own theme such as Asia,Africa, and another area called Dino Land. There were other areas too, but I can’t recall the name of them at this moment. The rides were good, but there two main things that topped today in the park off – The Kilomanjaro Safari and the The Lion King Festival Show. First, the Kilomanjaro was pretty cool because they take you out on an actual safari. We got to view actual animals from Africa. When I was on the safari, I was literally touching distance away from a giraffe. I also was know more than 15 yards away from a rhino during the safari,which was kind of scary! The safari amazed me because we were so closed to these wild animals without any protective gate blocking them. You would think wild animals would get aggravated because your invading their habitat? The second highlight of the day was The Lion King Festival, which turned out being a great show. Seeing one of the best movies of my childhood turned into a play is always a plus! It included acrobatic stunts,dancing, and singing of classic Lion King songs such as Hakuna Matata.

Overall, Animal Kingdom was great. Walt Disney World as a whole was good to me this Spring Break. Like I said in my past post, this is one of the few places in the world where you can come to be a kid again. I saw people of all ages walking around the park smiling and having a good time with their families. Those are sights you just don’t see on a everyday basis in such a stressful world. Tomorrow will be the final day of our spring break; hopefully a fantastic spring break here in Florida ends well!



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