Spring Break: The Wrap Up

Spring BreakI can honestly say I enjoyed every bit of my spring break this year. Being able to spend this time with family mean’t a lot to me. Disney World was fun, The Holy Land Experience was a blessing and Universal Studios Island of Adventure was better than I thought. The Island of Adventure is the newest park at Universal Studios. They have different parts in the park such as Jurassic Park, Harry Potter’s World of Wizadry and Marvel superhero land. For all the Harry Potter heads out there, I got to try the popular drink off of the series called Butter Beer. It was good but not great. Basically, it’s cream soda with a whip cream like foam on the top. Also, I think the line to get into the Hogwarts ride was about five miles long. I’ve never walked so much to get on a ride in my lifetime. Overall, I was satisfied with our last day at Univrersal’s Island of Adventure.

Well, the spring break is over and starting tomorrow it’s back to school. I wish all of life was a spring break, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. On this spring break, I was blessed to spend the time with my family. At the end of the day, when some of your loved one’s are gone, all you have are memories and it is important to build these moments with the off time we are given. The time was great while it lasted but as of tomorrow, back to reality.


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