Is Lebron entering Michael Jordan status?

It’s not so erroneous to say that Lebron James may be entering Michel Jordan status. Most people would think that this statement is crazy, but I like to speak with objectivity. The dominance that Lebron James displays is staggering in so many ways. Has anybody noticed how good this guy is??? For all the Lebron haters, it is now time to get over on how he left the Cleveland Cavaliers. That is over and done with. We need to now look on how he is taking over the NBA. I honestly can’t see anybody beating the Miami Heat this year in the playoffs, and that is mainly because of the dominance of Lebron James. Teams game plan every night to stop this guy, but they repeatedly fail. I believe if he wanted to, he could put up a triple double just about every night. He always has a stat line around 25-30 pts,7-8 assists and about 8-9 rebounds. Also, does anybody realize that this guy never gets hurt. This is the most durable player in NBA history. It’s amazing, especially when you play as reckless as he does. I’m not saying he as good as Michael Jordan, but he’s getting there. You can’t deny he’s one of the most gifted talents we have seen during our lifetime. The scary thing is that he could still get better. I already feel like I’m watching a grown man amongst boys when he’s on the basketball court. Just take into consideration that this guy has a possibility of being as good as Michael Jordan one day, if not better. One thing you can’t deny is that we are watching something special. Do not take this guy for granted,we are watching greatness if front of our very own eyes.

P.S: The Heat will break the all time winning streak.

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