A Watered Down College Basketball

I have never been the biggest College Basketball fan, but I do remember when College Basketball used to have actual stars. Such as a Kevin Durant at UT,a Michael Beasley at K-State or even a guy like J.J Reddick at the evil Duke. Now, I’m not sure if I can recognize any of these guys. With the one and done rule for the NBA, star players are no longer staying at their schools. Honestly, I can’t blame these guys for wanting to take the money and run. I mean if somebody gave you the option of a guaranteed 5 million dollar contract or to stay in school, I think most people would take that money. Anyways back to my main premise, College Basketball just isn’t the same without the stars. This is why the NBA and NFL are so successful; they actually have the stars. Would you be as interested in the NBA if a Lebron James or a Kobe Bryant weren’t involved in it? I doubt most people would. Stars are what make the show go. Would the movie Training Day be as exciting without a Denzel Washington? Would an American Idol be as popular as it is now without a Simon Cowell? I’m not saying that College Basketball or the NCAA tournament isn’t exciting now, but it’s not the same such as the days when we have The Fab 5,Michael Jordan with North Carolina and Duke with Christian Laetner. The NCAA tourney still is exciting and still remains to be one of the most exciting sporting events in this country, but we need a little star power to spice it up. Also, the Cinderella teams are still good stories, but their not going to carry a league. Do you want to see a Stony Brook vs South Dakota St. final? Not me! Ratings have even dipped since College Basketball has had less stars. That’s why a Lebron James and the Miami Heat are so good for the NBA. We love to hate them, but they bring us to a television screen.

I’m not sure what College Basketball can do, but they need to find a way how to get the good players to stay for more than one year. Then we can get back to the days when College Basketball was on top. Anyways, with that being said, I do wish for an exciting tournament. Hopefully we can at least get that.
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Courtesy of: Timesunion.com


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