A look back on the Heat’s streak

heatYou witnessed it last night, I know it’s hard to believe, but the Miami Heat’s streak has finally come to a conclusion. It provided us with great entertainment in a long 82 game NBA season. This was one of the historical feats that most of us will never see again during our lifetime. I don’t feel like anybody will ever beat the Lakers all time winning streak. As of matter of fact, I don’t think anybody will beat the Miami Heat’s winning streak, at least not for a long time. From a marketing standpoint, this couldn’t of worked out any better for the NBA. Every night, people across the nation were on the edge of their seats waiting to see who could knock the Heat off or would the streak live on? ESPN televised almost every game once the streak started to get in the 20s. It also provided ESPN with some of the highest rated regular season games the NBA has seen a long time. This streak gave us a reason to watch during the dog days of the NBA season. It was kind of like our appetizer til the NBA playoffs arrive. Being a Mavs fan, it’s not easy giving the Miami Heat this many compliments(trust me). But what they did was simply amazing, and they deserve their credit. I would of liked to see them break it, just so I could of witnessed some history. But maybe some records are just not meant to be broken. For what we know, this could of been the greatest chance anybody will ever get to break the record. Who knows what great streak is in jeopardy next. But to the Miami Heat, thank you for the ride. It was fun while it lasted.


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