Michigan vs. Louisville

I think we are set for a pretty good College Basketball championship coming up this Monday. But one thing that intrigues me is Michigan’s return to greatness in College Basketball. Michigan hasn’t been this far in College Basketball sice the Fab 5 days with Jalen Rose and Chris Webber. How great would it be for this team to finish what the Fan 5 couldn’t get done? I find it amazing how Jalen Rose, until this week, has never took the time to watch that game when Chris Webber infamously called that timeout. I think Chris Webber hardly talks about it. Also, on the other side we have Louisviie. A team that has had to overcome watching their teammate suffer one of the most gruesome injuries maybe in the history of sports! To see players on his own team crying shows how bad his injury was and how much they care about their teammate. Louisville’s future Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino said he couldn’t look at it or he probably would of throwed up. It would be a great thing if they could go out there and win a championship for their teammate.

I’m not sure who I’ll be rooting for, but I’m really hoping for a good game. We have two guard heavy teams that love to push the ball. With players like Peyton Siva on Louisville and Trey Burke on Michigan, we should get a fast paced exciting game. Whoever does win deserves it though because both teams have had to overcome a lot. It would put a good ending to an exciting NCAA Tourney.



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