My Testimony: My duty as a Christian

Being in College, it is not easy being a Christian. There are temptations every day that can get us to sin. It is so much easier to sin than it is to stay faithful. Also, it’s so easy to wake up Sunday morning after being out all Saturday night and saying I won’t go to church this week. Thankfully, I went to church this past week and it ended up being a blessing for me. I learned that being a Christian is not just about going to church every Sunday; It is much more than that. I learned that as a Christian, we need to introduce others to Christ too. The preacher at the church I attend here in Denton couldn’t of explained it any better. He said many of Christians go to church every Sunday just to get fed for themselves, which is not a bad thing. But we need to remember that there are others out there that need to get fed as well. If we leave good bread sitting in the pantry, then it will eventually mold and go to waste. It’s the same thing with our Christian walk. Christ has fed us with his word, now it’s time for us to take that and go feed others. The pastor said it’s time for us to stop holding back and let loose.

So, my goal for myself is to do that. I am still a growing Christian, and I am working hard to become a better one everyday. I can start that growth by teaching someone about Christ. I hope others can pray for me so that I can continue my growth in doing that and becoming a better Christian.

PS: For anybody looking for a church in the Denton area, I highly recommend Friendship Church. Inbox me if you have any other questions.


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