So last night against the Portland Trailblazers, a 34-year-old Kobe Bryant dropped 47 points 8 rebounds 5 assist and 4 rebounds. Talk about putting the team on your back! This is not your typical 34-year-old we’re talking about here; we’re talking about a very old 34 year of age. This is a guy who started playing professional basketball at the age of 17. As a kid, Kobe grew up in Italy because his dad, Joe Bryant, was a professional for an Italian professional basketball team. While there, Kobe learned about the culture of basketball oversea’s. Because of that, Kobe probably possesses one of the highest basketball IQ’s in the league, if not ever. A lot of people may have written Kobe Bryant off as one of the more dangerous scorers basketball has ever seen, but he has proved this season that he still has a lot in the tank. What Kobe Bryant is doing is simply amazing! With all the miles on his body, for him to still be putting up the numbers that he has this season is unheard of. Despite the Lakers disappointing season, they are currently in the 8th seed with three more games to go. I predict the Lakers to get in the playoffs, and once they get in, everybody knows anything can happen once the Black Mamba gets in the playoff. Kobe Bryant may be the only person who can get away with giving himself his own nickname. Most nicknames are usually given by other people. But because of Kobe’s greatness, he is given a pass. Players like Kobe Bryant are rare because you will unlikely see a millionaire professional athlete give it his all every night like it’s his last game. This is a man that continued to play basketball after he broke his index finger several years back. Everything about Kobe Bryant this year has been true greatness.

Kobe reportedly has said that next year will be his last year in the NBA. If this is true, from here on out, basketball fans should not take his play for granted. I personally hope he decides to play several more years because the NBA is that much better with him. As for this year, I say look out NBA if he manages to get his Lakers into the playoff. Kobe+NBA playoffs=scary, and that is a first round match up no team wants to have. I can guarantee you that! Whatever does happen though, you can’t deny that this has been one of Kobe Bryant’s most impressive seasons.The_Black_Mamba___Kobe_Bryant_by_krkdesigns


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