Motivation is contagious

motivationThis semester I have found myself to be more motivated than I have ever been to succeed. A big reason for that is surrounding myself with individuals who are just as driven to succeed. During the semester, I have joined two chapters. One of the them is the Public Relations Student Society of America, and the other is the National Association of Hispanic Journalist( no you do not have to be Hispanic to be part of the NAHJ). Since I have been affiliated with these chapters, I have met all sorts of professionals in the journalism and public relations field. I have met people in the industry such as CNN’s Don Lemon, DFW Free Lance Writer Rebecca Aguilar, and the Dallas Cowboys public relation associate, Joe Trahan. One similar attribute I’ve noticed with all the people I’ve met this year is their motivation. Their motivation to do whatever they had to do, to get where they want to be. People have always preached to be, “If you want something, you have to take it.” That’s what they had to do to get where they wanted to be. The point that I’m trying to get at in this post is that success is not given; we have to work to get it. You ever notice how successful celebrities strive to achieve different things. A good example is rapper now turned entrepreneur Jay Z. He know has taken on different challenges by being a part owner of a professional franchise, starting a new clothing line and reportedly started up his own sports agency. A lot of people may be envious of Jay Z’s success, but I’m not sure we realize that he still had to work to get where he is. One of my favorite comedians, Kevin Hart, had a good quote in one of his comedy specials. He said, “Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to put the work in.” No I’m not saying that I’m trying to be the next big celebrity; about 99% of us will not be that. I’m saying that if we want to get somewhere, we have to put the work in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out like that. I think it starts with motivation, and I pray that I can keep my motivation so hopefully I can achieve some good things one day. With that being said, I want to end this post with a quote on motivation from Dwight Eisenhower. “Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to because they want to do it.”


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