It’s Playoff Time: NBA PLAYOFFS 2013

untitledBy my recent post, you probably have realized that I am a big NBA fan. Well, starting today is the best time of the year in the sports calendar in my opinion. I feel like we are in for a pretty exciting playoffs. We’re pretty confident on who will be on top on the Eastern Conference side, but their are still many intriguing story lines. One of those questions is if Carmelo Anthony can get out of the first round. He’s already one of the more talented players we have ever seen, but getting out of the first round one time isn’t going to cut it. On the Western Conference side, I feel like it still can be a toss up. With the Spurs hobbling into the playoffs, they can still easily be upset in the playoffs. In the next paragraph, I am going to breakdown each series and how I feel they will turn out.

Celtics vs.Knicks– This is one of the more intriguing series. Melo is wanting to prove himself in the league by showing that he is much more than a big time scorer. But at the same time, expect Boston to play some inspired basketball coming off of the tragedy their city had to go through all week. This will be a tough knock you down type of series, but I expect the Knicks to win the series in 6

Warriors-Nuggets– If you like scoring, then this is the type of series for you. With Stephon Curry breaking Ray Allen single season 3pt record, he is now ready to prove himself as an elite point guard in the league. But the Nuggets will not go out easy, even though they are limping into the playoffs with an injured Danillo Galinari and a questionable Kenneth Faried. Oh yeah, and you can’t forget about my boy, “Must See McGee.” This will be an up and down series, but I expect the Warriors to win this series in 7.

Bulls-Nets– I expected Derrick Rose to be back by now for this series, but it looks like he won’t be here for the whole playoffs. With that being said, I still expect the Bulls to come out fighting. The Bulls always have a chance because they play defense with the exceptional coaching of Tom Thibodeau. The Nets also have a talented group. I feel like they have underachieved this year with their talented, but I do expect them to rise to the occasion in the playoffs. I’m taking the Nets in 7.

Grizzlies-Clippers– Coming off of an epic playoff series last year, I expect the same exact series to play out this year. The Grizzlies have their two big guys Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph who are always tough to handle, and Lob City has Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. I think the Clippers have so much to prove this postseason, and I feel they will do so in this series. I expect the Clippers to win in 6 in a very exciting series.

Hawks-Pacers– This is probably one of the more boring series in this years playoffs. The Pacers do have talent though with their emerging star in Paul George and other young energetic young players. I feel the Pacers youth will be a little too much for an Atlanta Hawks team that seems to be going nowhere to me. Plus, I feel that the Pacers coach, Frank Vogul, is the most underrated coach in the league. I pick the Pacers in 6.

Lakers-Spurs– Well Laker fans, your team made it to the playoffs. Now what will they do against the Spurs in the playoffs? I actually feel they will give the Spurs some problems in the playoffs because I still love the Lakers back court with Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard, even though they have underachieved this year. Plus, how healthy is an always injured Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker? This will not be an easy series for the Spurs, and I expect the Lakers to show some fight in the playoffs. But I still do think the Spurs will win the series in 6.

Bucks-Heat– I mean do I have to pick this series! The Bucks only chance of winning this series is if the whole Heat team doesn’t show up. The Bucks do have talented players though in Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis, but the Heat will be way to much for them to handle. As bad as I want to pick sweep on this one, I will take the Heat in 5 because they could have an off night.

Rockets-Thunder– I am real excited about this series. I find James Harden to be one of the more entertaining players in the league to watch, and the storyline of him returning back to OKC intrigues me as well. Don’t expect this to be an easy series for OKC because James Harden is a baaddddddddd mannnnnnnn(in my Stephen A. Smith voice). Plus talented young players in Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parsons and Omar Asik are nothing to sneeze at either. I still do feel OKC will win the series though because of the greatness of Kevin Durant. I pick the Thunder to win in 6.


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