Lets Give Jerry A Break…

Ok, so I know I may be in the minority when it comes to this. But I really feel that Cowboy fans may be given Jerry a little unfair criticism. I’m not saying that Jerry Jones doesn’t deserve any criticism because he does. But why are people being sooooooo disrespectfulll(in my Stephen A. Smith). It seems like no matter what Jerry does, people are going to find a way to criticize the man. Even this week, Jerry Jones received some criticism for attending the opening of the George Bush Presidential Library ceremony. People were saying that Jerry Jones doesn’t care, he doesn’t have his attention on this year’s draft. C’mon people, I’m pretty sure Jerry Jones has done his homework on who he liked in the draft. Were this years picks in the Cowboys draft questionable; yes they were. But the one thing I love about Jerry is how he doesn’t care what other people think of him. He does what he feels is best for the team.

So Cowboys fans, I’m not saying that Jerry Jones hasn’t done a terrible job as the GM of the Dallas Cowboys because he has. I’m just getting irritated of people disrespecting this man as if he hasn’t done anything good for this franchise at all. Jerry Jones took a franchise and turned them into the 2nd most profitable franchise in the world next to the popular soccer franchise, Manchester United. Yeah that’s right, the world!!! He built us a multi-billion dollar stadium that may be the best venue on earth. Sine being owner of the franchise, Jerry has brought of three world championships. When it comes to being an owner, I believe there is none better in professional sports. The passion is there for sure. Do you ever noticed how stressed Jerry Jones looks up in the booth whenever the Cowboys are losing? There is no fan out there that cares more about the Dallas Cowboys than Jerry Jones.

So yes, Jerry Jones has made some questionable decsions in the past years, but I don’t agree with all the criticism being put on him. This man is working hard to getting the Cowboys back on top, and I have faith he will do so. When that happens, Cowboys fans will realize that Jerry Jones is not that much of a bum than they initially thought. Trust me, we will get there.



2 thoughts on “Lets Give Jerry A Break…

  1. If he was as sincere as he’d like for us to believe, he would stop micro-managing ALL of his employees and let them do what they get payed to do. Jerry only cares about two things, and they are Jerry Jones’s ego and Money. You can’t name another owner that is the GM, the coach, the trainer, the publicist, and the scout all at the same time. What the problem with Jerry really boils down to is the fact that his EXTREMELY POOR decisions continually effect the fans as a whole and he could care less , and his actions say just that.

    1. I agree with you that he makes poor decisions, but to say the only thing he cares about is his ego and money is completely false. There’s no owner that has more passion and cares more for his team than Jerry Jones. I just think his intentions are misunderstood sometimes.

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