The $785,000 Engagement Ring?

williams-bills-suing-wifeAlright, so recently I have not been able to post anything on my blog. I have just been extra busy with studying for finals and planning out what I’m going to do for this upcoming summer. But for all the people out there out there who may be stressing for finals(me included), I have a story for you that may help you realize that your life isn’t as bad as you may think it is at this very moment.

Buffalo Bills defensive end, Mario Williams, bought his finance, at the time they were together, a $785,000 engagement ring. Yes that’s right; that’s not a typo. Let me repeat that again: He bought his finance a $785,000 engagement ring! It’s cool for him to spend that kind of money on his finance, but how would you feel if that finance came up to you months later saying she didn’t want to be engage anymore? Well Yeah, this is what Mario Williams is going through at this very moment. The bad part of this story is that Williams has asked for the ring back, but as of right now, the ex-finance is not giving it up. Williams decided to file a suit last week hoping to get the engagement ring back. Well I would only hope he would ask for it back. According to the lawsuit, Williams ex-finance was only involved in the relationship just for the money. She never had any attentions to marry Williams. This is not our usual engagement ring we’re talking about here; we’re talking about $785,000 dollars here! That’s enough to buy you multiple houses, a car and then some. I think it’s sweet that he loved his finance that much to spend that kind of money on her, but it’s crazy how much money these guys are actually making. Who has that kind of money to spend, unless your a billionaire. A huge percentage of people in the world will not even have the chance to have that kind of money, but to spend that kind of money on just a ring is crazy. I don’t even know where you go to purchase a ring like that? I’m pretty sure it’s not Zales or Jared’s. It must be a sick feeling for Williams to know that he may not get the ring back. Mario Williams, I feel for you my brother. But you were the one that decided to spend that kind of money. I can only hope you get the ring back because $785,000 is not the kind of money to just be throwing down the drain. I feel bad if I lose $10 dollars out of my wallet, but to lose 785,000 is a totally different story.

So whether you found the story comical or you feel sympathy for Williams, I hope you at least found it entertaining. During this finals week, we may all at some point get stressed. But at least we know we’re not going through with what Mario Williams is at this very moment. Let me say it one more time, $785,000 dollars! Wow is all I can just about say.


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