What Makes Durant Different From Lebron?

imagesCATTAF58Remember back when LeBron James was on the Cleveland Cavaliers? The same questions was asked towards LeBron every time he failed to win the big game: Is he clutch, can he make the big shot or does he have it in him to win a championship. I’ve always felt that LeBron always had a “clutch gene” in him, but LeBron’s critics would think otherwise. Well, with Kevin Durant about to lose in this series against the Memphis Grizzlies, what makes him any different than LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Without Russell Westbrook, the team is almost identical to LeBron’s Cleveland Cavalier team. But I don’t hear the critics attacking Kevin Durant like they attacked LeBron. I wonder why is that? Is it because Kevin Durant is more likeable than LeBron James? I feel that both players are clutch when it comes to big games;but the criticism is completely different. The way how LeBron left Cleveland did not help his case, but since he is working on his second ring, the criticism is slowly going away. It’s the perfect case of how winning changes everything.
Courtesy of Google Images


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