Roc Nation

imagesCAKIO5YTI found this story to be pretty interesting, especially with me having dreams of being a sports agent one day. But for the people who don’t know, rapper Jay-Z is deciding to take the next step in his highly successful career in being an entrepreneur:He has decided to enter the sports agency business and move on from his position as being part owner of the Brookyln Nets. Jay-Z is a great businessman, and with this move, I can see him having an immediate impact on the sports agency business. If you’re a rookie that may be entering a draft and want to get your name out there, is there a better man out there to represent you than Jay-Z? Many draft prospects, especially in the NFL, come into the draft unnoticed and need that one thing to catch the attention of a team. A perfect example is New York Jets rookie quarterback, Geno Smith. He recently decided to sign with Roc Nation, which I feel is an excellent move for Smith. Most players sign with agencies only to increase their market value, which is not a bad idea because money is always a great thing. But I feel Jay-Z is looking at his agency business from a completely different perspective. I think Jay-Z wants to take young athletes entering the professional sports world and increase their brand just by making their name more prevalent throughout the sports world. Take Geno Smith, he’s had a couple of public relation mishaps with him making some dumb statements and recently firing his first agent that he hired. But Roc Nation decided to step in and take the intitiative of signing a guy who’s attitude and play is still in question for the NFL. Basically, Roc Nation is telling Geno Smith that they will make him a household name, but it’s up to him to do the rest and perform on the field. I think this is breaking the mold of something that can be big. Expect more players to sign with Roc Nation because I feel it can offer professional athletes a bit more than what the usual sports agency can offer. As we all now, professional sports nowadays is much more than just a game. Profesional athletes are looked at as royalty and businessman in this country, and there is no better person to represent that than Jay-Z.
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