The Two Best Words in Sports: Game 7

NBA: Playoffs-Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat
If you’re a big sports fanatic such as myself, there is nothing better than to hear the two words… “Game 7.” There are several things that make a Game 7 great, but the thing that intrigues me the most is how every little play is magnified. Every little mistake could play a part in your team losing. You get the best of the best at their very best. Well, tomorrow we will be getting that with the Indiana Pacers versus the Miami Heat. We get to witness a Heat team who has been so dependent on Lebron James and a Pacers team who nobody expected to win. The Miami Heat have received a lot of criticism of late because they have resembled Lebron James’ former Cleveland Cavelier teams. With Dwyane Wade looking less like flash and Chris Bosh shooting jumpers all the way from Fort Lauderdale,FL, it has been Lebron James responsibility to carry the load. On the other hand, we have a young Indiana Pacers team who has shown maturation throughout the whole playoffs. Paul George is emerging into a future superstar, and Roy Hibbert has shown his capabilities of being dominant. With all the story lines that have developed, I expect tomorrows game to be something epic. I can’t wait to see if Lebron James puts on a classic performance, how Roy Hibbert plays after all his post-game rants,how big of an impact will “Birdman Birdman”(in my Shaquille O’neal voice) have in his return and will Dwyane Wade finally show up. These are some of the storylines going into the game tomorrow. Many people are doubting if the Indiana Pacers can do it, such as the doubters did for Game 6. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pacers did pull it out, but I’m predicting a Miami Heat win in a thriller. With that being said, tomorrow’s game should be fun. So in the words of Terrell Owens, “Get your popcorn ready!”
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