The Best Game Ever: Game 6

Would it be a hyperbole for me to say that the game we witnessed last night was the best game ever? Maybe, but if it isn’t, then it sure is close. Game’s like that are the main reason why we love to watch sports. We are attracted to entertainment,drama and emotion, and that was all mixed into last night’s game. I just had to compile a list of all the significant moments that went down in that game. So here it is….

The Shot(Ray Allen’s version)– This shot may go down as one of the biggest shot’s in NBA history. Just think, if he misses that shot, we’re talking about the Spurs winning their 5th championship today. Lebron would also have a 1-3 record in the NBA Finals. But with that shot, the Miami Heat live to fight another day. Ray Allen implemented his name into the Hall of Fame with that shot. It really doesn’t get any bigger than that play.

The Headband– Through the first three quarters, Lebron James put on a mediocre performance like he has for most of these Finals, but midway through the 4th, the headband came off. Lebron’s self-consciousness of his receding hairline was put to rest for half a quarter and an overtime. When Lebron’s headband came off, his game came on! Lebron was so focused, the headband and hairline did not even matter. So with that, Will he or will he not wear the infamous headband?

The No Call– Did Manu Ginobili get fouled on his drive to the basket? Did Danny Green get fouled when Bosh blocked his shots? Of course the Spurs fan and the Heat haters are going to say yes, but I say no! If you’re a referee, in that situation, you always have to swallow your whistle. A referee can never decide a game. Timing is always everything when it comes to making calls like that. Go look back at the history of the NBA; it’s always been this way.

The Shoe– In every great games, you’ll get a couple circus plays or shots that will leaving you scratching your head. Well, I think this one did. I just found it funny that Mike Miller would shoot that shot without his shoe. It was only fitting for a play like that to happen in this game.

The Coaching Mistake– Gregg Popovich is an all-time great coach, but even the great ones make mistakes. He took out Duncan who could of gotten the key rebound to ceil the game. He also sat Tony Parker during critical moments at the end of the game. When he makes all the right moves he gets praised, but he also has to get the blame too. He definitely deserves criticism on this one. Popovich may of cost his team a championship.

The Fans– Did anybody see the Heat fans leave the game early, then decided to try to get back in once they found out the Heat had a chance to win? Fortunately, they were not allowed to get back in. The Heat fans have always been some of the biggest bandwagoners in the league, but this right here pretty much ceiled it! You can’t abandoned your so-called team that early when it’s Game 6 of the NBA Finals. But I guess we can’t blame them; when you live in a city like Miami, they’re are plenty more things to do. Heat fans are still lousy though!

So now we have the two best words in sports, “Game 7.” I think it’ll be hard for tomorrow’s game 7 to duplicate Game 6, but i think we can still be in for something special. No matter what happens tommorrow, I think Game 6 will be what everybody remembers when it comes to this year’s final’s. Last night’s game was about as good as sports get! Expect to see this one on ESPN Classics for year’s to come.

Prediction:– Miami Heat will win their 3rd championship tomorrow.



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