If The Mavs Get Dwight Howard?

Warning: This post is extremely bias. I am a Mavs; of course I’m going to be bias towards my team. All the other fanatics, that don’t root for the Mavs, are bias towards their team as well. That is why we are called fanatics.

If the Mavs get Dwight Howard, I am not saying that they are going to win the championship. But, we are definitely in contention to being an elite team again. First off, I don’t understand all the criticism on Dwight Howard’s game. People have been talking about Dwight as if he’s a scrub. Granted, he did not play his best last year. But let’s remember that he was never 100% healthy, and he averaged 17 points and 12 rebounds a game on the second to worst year of his career. Most of the centers in the league would kill to average that for one season. Let’s not get it twisted; he’s still the best center in the game. Now I do think he deserves criticism on the way he has handled this whole free agency. The flip flopping on different teams and not being able to make up his mind has irritated a lot of people. But when he’s finally on a team(except the Lakers), he will make that team instantly better.

This is where my Dallas Mavericks come in. With Dirk aging, this franchise needs a superstar caliber player who can bring us back to being a relevant team again. If the Mavs get Dwight Howard, it will not only make us better; but it will lure other players into wanting to play for the Dallas Mavericks. I’m not talking about superstar caliber players; we may not have the cap space for that. But role players, which can be the missing pieces to a championship team. We may not even be a champioship team with Dwight Howard. But at least it gives us a sense of hope.

Our Sales Pitch Towards Dwight-As you all may know, this time of the year for the NBA can be like a “recruiting season.” In collegiate sports, the coaches need to have a good sales pitch to lure the athlete into their program. Coming up next week, Mark Cuban needs to get his sales pitch ready on why Dwight Howard should come to Dallas. Reportedly, Dwight has narrowed it down to his hometown Atlanta Hawks and the Houston Rockets. If I were Mark Cuban, I would outline the following in my sales pitch: Rick Carlisle is one of the best coaches in the league, We know what it takes to win a championship here, Dirk(enough said), Dallas is a no state tax city, you will not have to live up to such high expectations, and most of all, this will one day be your team. I may of left something important out, but I feel that those are the main outlines.

So if Dwight Howard ends up picking another team to play for, then this whole post was worthless. But if the Mavs get Dwight Howard, I can see big things to come in the future.


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