In Defense of Tony Romo…

If there’s one thing you know about me, you should know that I am the biggest defender of Tony Romo. Matter fact, my defense of Romo is so strong, I should probably be his agent. I feel that Tony Romo receives unfair criticism. Granted, I am not putting him in the same class as a Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady; I’m just saying he’s better than what people give him credit for. He’s not a superstar, but he is a very good player. Here’s a question I have for Cowboy fans that hate Romo: Who puts us in the position to even have the chance of making the playoffs every year? Yes, Romo does take us out of games at times with his carelessness. But the man has shown us that he is capable of winning a lot of games. Do you not forget who were the QBs of the Cowboys before Romo? If you don’t know, they were Drew Bledsoe,Quincy Carter and Drew Henson. How far did they take us? The personnel around Romo does not help as well. We’ve been the most penalized team for consecutive years now! I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve criticism, but the positive he has done for America’s Team has been overlooked.

In Defense of Tony Romo, I want to show an article that makes a strong case on why Romo’s being unfairly criticized. The numbers never lie, and it proves it in this article. So take the time to read it by clicking the link, and see if the very few Romo supporters have lost all objectivity.

Romo’s Defense:


Courtesy of Google Images


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