Tired Of Being Average!


I don’t know about y’all, but I absolutely despise being Average. Actually, I don’t even like hearing the word. I guess that’s why Dallas Cowboy fans have been so infuriated with the franchise of late. I hate to say this, but we(the Dallas Cowboys) define the word Average! On this post, I’m not just talking about average when it comes to our favorite sports team. I’m talking about Average when it comes to our life in general. I believe when God created us, he did not make us to be average. I think God see’s us as being beyond Average, especially whenever we’re supposed to be disciples of the Lord. I cannot recall any of disciples in the Bible being Average. We must work to become better than Average because it can become contagious; it’ll eventually become implanted into our DNA. Most of the athletes we see on TV did not become great by being Average. I’m pretty sure most of them worked their butts off to get to where they’re at now, and we envy them by wondering why that can’t be us.

In any aspect in life, if we want to get somewhere, we have to standout. By doing that, being Average will not cut it at all. It could be getting a new promotion, getting a certain grade, becoming a better athlete, or hopefully, becoming rich someday. Whatever it is, we must work to get that. If you’re lazy, I have some bad news for you: Work isn’t easy! If working to get something was easy, everybody would be walking around as millionaires, be the #1 pick in the NBA Draft, or even living in a mansion at Beverly Hills. So it ends up coming to this one question: How Bad Do We Want It? I’ll leave this post with that question, but I encourage all of you who have read this post to click on the link at the bottom. The man speaking in this clip is motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, who talks about reaching Success. I highly recommend all my peers, and even grown-ups, to watch this clip. He’ll explain it better than I ever could. Hope you get something out of it!

Here’s the clip: http://bit.ly/11tMMfn


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