“Johnny Uh-oh”


I used to be a Johnny Manziel apologist, but it’s hard for me to make his case with all his recent events. Just this past weekend, he got kicked out of a UT(University of Texas) frat party. First of all, why is he even at a UT frat party? Any man with common sense should of known it wasn’t going to end well as soon as he stepped through that door. A day later, just to throw so gasoline on the fire that was already started, he was seen wearing a New York Jet’s Tim Tebow jersey; I guess that’s his way of telling the media to “shove it.” Alright, so here is my problem: It’s his poor judgement that get’s him into all this “hoopla” with the media. It’s not that I don’t like him going out and enjoying his life; he should do that. He just has to be cognizant of where he is hanging out at; he’s putting himself in obvious situations that won’t end well. Johnny Manziel is a celebrity and not your average student-athlete. He has to realize that people are very envious of his life, and they aren’t afraid to hurt him; that’s what jealousy does. Walking into a rival college frat party is not the smartest thing to do. So with him being a big name, he should be held at a different standard than everybody else. Unfortunately, for Johnny, it’s just something that comes with the job. I’m not sure if he has fully grasp that concept yet.

If I’m an NFL GM, Johnny Manziel looks less and less attractive to me. We’ve already had the questions about his height; he barely stands over 6 feet tall. But now I would be having questions about his head. How am I supposed to trust a millionaire QB who can’t stay out of the tabloids? Trust me, once he gets in the NFL, with those millions, all sorts of temptation will be surrounding him. So as a GM, how can I get that trust with all this money we’ve invested in him? What do these QB’s have in common: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco and Eli Manning. If you didn’t notice, they’re all Super Bowl winning QB’s that just happen to avoid the negative publicity. “Johnny Football”, on the other hand, can’t seem to stay out of it. Aggie fans better hope he has a good year. If he struggles, expect the media to come down hard on him.

Courtesy of Google Images


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