MLB and PEDs: Why It Keeps Happening


What if someone came up to you with this statement: “Hey, I have a pill you can take. If you take this pill, it will not only enhance your performance at your job, but it will increase your notoriety and salary.” If most people were approached with this statement, I feel that a huge percentage would accept the offer. Well, this is the same situation Major League Baseball(MLB) and its players are dealing with right now. They have an issue on their hands that I feel is unsolvable at the moment. We keep hearing the same story every year: A MLB player has been suspended for taking performance enhancing drugs(PEDs). The MLB usually responds by handing down a stiff penalty to the player(s) that have been identified as using PEDs, but there’s an underlying problem here. The players are not being affected by these penalties because they know the reward in taking PEDs is a whole lot bigger than the consequence. Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez have benefited from PED use because of their one-hundred million dollar contracts. Do you really think they care about getting hit with a suspension, especially when that money is guaranteed anyway? Let’s not let their press conferences fool us when they apologize to the media and fans; I really don’t feel that they’re remorseful at all. Ryan Braun is somewhere in California chilling in his mansion right now. I think a lot of people inside of baseball are oblivious to the fact that this is how baseball players think. This will continue to happen until baseball decides to start throwing down stiffer penalties, but in the meantime, players will continue to dope and collect that million dollar check.

Do Fans Really Care?

Remember back when Sammy Sosa and Mark Mcgwire went on that historical single season home run chase? Not only was that exciting for the fans, but it was great for Major League Baseball as a whole; the most exciting time in baseball history. Unfortunately, come to find out, these guys were doping as well, and it puts a big asterisk on what is now known as “the steroid era.” But do you think the fans really cared if they were doping? The fans and the franchises actually benefited from players doping: They got more home runs, higher scoring games, more revenue generated, and players that didn’t look like C.C Sabathia (just kidding). This is not going to happen, but baseball should consider embracing PEDs; they’re never going away. Players just want a competitive advantage, and is that something we can really fault them for? After all, “chicks do dig the long ball.”

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