Why Does God Chasten Us?

Remember as a young child when you would get disciplined for doing something you knew was wrong? At the time, when I was around that age, I hated to get disciplined, and I didn’t understand why my “folks” would put me through that. When this happened, I knew there were certain necessities(for a kid) that were going to be taken away: For example, there was no Playstation, no talking on the cell phone, and no watching TV. In my mind as a young kid, I never understood why they would treat their own son like this, but no matter how bad it was, I was always told this statement when getting disciplined: “We do it because we love you.” Wait, stop me if you haven’t heard that before. I wasn’t really trying to hear that as a young kid, but as I grew older, It hit me; I finally understood why they disciplined me.

My Main Premise

If you haven’t realized where I’m going with this, God’s love for us is basically the same, better yet, it is even greater; God just wants the best for us. If we sin, there may be times when he disciplines us, but we should know that he does it for one thing only: He loves us. Think about it like this, If God didn’t love us, then he wouldn’t chasten us. He would let us mind our own business and continue to live a sinful life, which leads us to that place nobody wants to go to. But God’s love for us is so immense that he will continue to chasten us. Here is one of my favorite quotes from my pastor: “God has your picture somewhere on his wall in heaven.” I see this as being a true statement because I know he loves me and has my back. Here’s another way you can look at it: We are permitted to go through things just so that we can build our faith up. Let’s be a testimony for others; they would see that God is with us at all times. What we’re going through, at this moment, has already been fixed by God. It is just up to us and if we’re willing to obey. We are all God’s children, and he is our father. At the end of the day, our God just wants the best for us.



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