“I Can, I Will, I Must” (Never Giving Up)


This post was inspired by my favorite speaker, Eric Thomas. For this week’s “Thank God It’s Monday” (TGIM), which is Eric Thomas’ weekly YouTube segment, He discusses the importance of never giving up on what we’re trying to accomplish. All of us have a goal to get somewhere, but even when times get tough, who will continue to stick with the plan they had envisioned for themselves?

I Can – No matter what comes in the way of where I’m trying to go, I should know without a doubt that “I Can” do this. I’ve already made the decision that I want to do this; I don’t see what’s stopping me. Now it’s time for me to act up on that by pursuing what my plan is.

I Will – I’m in the “I Will” phase now! Translation: It’s going to happen. I don’t care what anybody says; I’m going to reach my goal! I can see it in my future right now. That’s the mindset we all should have.

I Must – This is my goal, my plan, and what I envisioned for myself. So why should I quit now? I’ve worked this hard to reach my goal, so there’s no point in me quitting now. If I was going to quit, I should of done that the first week I planned out my goal. Instead of me quitting, I should keep pushing til I get there, and I will!

Like I said earlier, this post was inspired by Eric Thomas. He preaches to never give up when aiming for your goal, and that could not be any truer. Now, I highly recommend you to watch the powerful segment that inspired this post. Eric Thomas does an amazing job on explaining everything I wrote in this post. So please watch this video. You will not be disappointed. You can watch the video by CLICKING HERE!

Courtesy of Google Images


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