The Answer: A Tribute to Allen Iverson

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

He never won a championship, but Allen Iverson was definitely one of the more unique players of our time. A man that stood 6ft tall (if that), who could dominate games the way he did was simply amazing. His elite quickness was almost unstoppable and something to be reckoned with. As soon as Allen Iverson hit the basketball scene, he instantly changed it. The league had never seen a player like this before, and it caught a lot of people off guard. Allen Iverson was one of the first guys to bring a “street ball” mentality to the NBA hardwood. He basically brought hip-hop to the NBA. There wasn’t a such thing as the “killer crossover” before Allen Iverson stepped on the court. Unfortunately, for Allen Iverson, his tactics resulted into him being one of the more unlikeable athletes in professional sports. Iverson was one of the main reasons why the NBA changed it’s dress code: A player showing up to games wearing a tank top and a durag gave the league, in their opinion, a bad image; The NBA thought it made their brand look “thuggish.” I believe that this resulted in Iverson getting treated unfairly by the league. The man still had a lot of basketball in him and somehow couldn’t get on any roster in the league; I don’t know, but it seems kind of sketchy to me. So here we are today, and Allen Iverson has officially announced that he is retiring from basketball for good. I would like to show respect to one of my favorite players ever by listing my top 5 Allen Iverson moments. CLICK on the titles to view the play. Here they are….

1. Allen Iverson Crosses Over Michael Jordan – I feel that this is the play that caught the NBA’s eye. A little man from Georgetown to come into the league and crossover “his airness.”

2.“We Talkin Bout Practice” – We’ve all heard the sound bite: “Not a game, not a game, we talkin bout practice.” Who would of thought that that this quote would be one of the more infamous in professional sports history?

3.Allen Iverson Steps Over Tyronn Lue – Allen Iverson took an overachieving Sixers team to the NBA Finals and made it known to the world by crossing over Lakers point guard Tyronn Lue and stepping over him in a very disrespectful way!

4.The Putback Dunk – This play just displays Allen Iverson’s athleticism. It had everybody saying, “Did you just see that little man get up like that!”

5.The Double Crossover On Antonio Daniels – Getting crossed over once is bad enough, but two??? Well….just watch…..

Overall, Allen Iverson is a true legend of the game. He wasn’t just a great player, but he was also great entertainment. He made the NBA “cool” again during the post Michael Jordan era. Next stop I expect to see him is in Springfield, MA at the basketball Hall of Fame. Ladies and Gents, Allen Iverson!


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