The NFLs Equivalent To Kobe Bryant

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

Remember a couple years back when Peyton Manning had multiple neck surgeries, and a lot of people were writing him off (including me). Well, I think a lot of people would like to take what they said back (including me) because Peyton Manning is not done yet, matter fact, he’s far from done.

You all saw the game last night: Peyton Manning threw for a record tying seven touchdowns. He’s not only displaying that he’s the same ole Peyton Manning, but he may be even better. Last year, when a lot of people doubted him, Peyton Manning racked up another MVP, and with Wes Welker by his side this year, expect for Peyton Manning to even be greater.

What Really Makes Peyton Manning Great

I put Peyton Manning in a category of athletes where very few have gone. Peyton Manning is the type of guy who is never satisfied no matter how much success he has. With everything Peyton has done, he’s still a student of the game, a guy that spends countless hours in the film room and is always thinking of ways on how he can improve. Heck, he’s probably in the film room as I’m typing up this blog post right now. He’s the true definition of a term that is used in sports not very often: a “Gym Rat.” Reminds me of another all-time great who will be coming off an injury as well. Oh yeah, it’s that man they call Kobe “The Black Mamba” Bryant. It really hit me while watching Peyton Manning last night that Kobe Bryant is very similar to Peyton ( or vice-versa), who was in a similar situation as Kobe a couple years back. I’ve been hearing a lot of doubters write off “The Black Mamba.” You may want to think again because Peyton Manning is making a great case for Kobe. Never count out an all-time great, all you’re going to do is add fuel to the fire. Do you really think Kobe Bryant needs any more motivation?

What To Expect From Peyton Manning This Year?

Just my predication, but I feel Peyton Manning will have another MVP caliber season this year. I’m not sure if he’ll actually win the MVP again, but I can see him piling up a lot of numbers this year(Good news for Fantasy Football people.). If there’s one thing I could criticize Peyton Manning on though, it would be his subpar playoff record. He’s always had a history of not living up to his regular season potential when it comes to playoff time. But minus that, he’s still an all-time great and “The best regular season quarterback ever” as labeled by the great Skip Bayless. Anyways, the moral of this post, never count out the motivated superstar. They will always make you eat your words. Watch, Kobe Bryant will do the same this coming up NBA season. You can book that!!!

P.S.– This has nothing to do with this post, but if you haven’t seen the new Peyton-Eli Manning commercial, you need to check it out now! Very funny stuff! Just CLICK to watch!


2 thoughts on “The NFLs Equivalent To Kobe Bryant

  1. Looks like your prediction for Manning is coming true. He’s having a stellar season in Denver so far. We’re pretty happy here in Indiana with all the changes the Colts have gone through since Peyton left, and we’re glad to see him succeeding. Like you say, he is a true student of the game. He never stops trying to get better even though he operates at the highest level among the best in his field.

    I’m reminded now of a post about Purdue great Robbie Hummel. I’m a Purdue grad and you know we love our basketball in Indiana. Robbie never quits either. Not even after tearing the same ACL. Twice.

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