What Breaking Bad Has Taught Me…

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

Unfortunately, today is the day when us Breaking Bad fans have to say goodbye to an all-time great show. It’s a bittersweet moment for me. On one end, I am excited to see how this series will end, but at the same time, I’m not ready to call this the final episode. One of the things that made Breaking Bad one-of-a-kind to me was the transformation of the main characters. We have our main character of the series, Walter White, who is an middle-aged underachieving high school chemistry teacher who is a family man to a pregnant wife and a teenage kid with cerebral palsy. Walt soon is diagnosed with cancer and and decides to sell meth to put his family in good fortune for finances they are struggling to afford at the time. But unfortunately for Walt, his bad decisions led him to a situation that he would never get out of and would affect everyone else that was involved in his life. The transformation of Walter White throughout the series is symbolic of a lot of transformations people go through in life, maybe not as traumatic, but still a personal downfall. It’s amazing to me because Walt goes from being this lovable TV dad who deeply cares about his family into TVs most compelling depiction of evil. So with today being the final episode of this epic series, I wanted to do a blog post about what Breaking Bad has taught me about life because I do feel this series has a good moral to it.

What Breaking Bad has taught me about life

Like I said earlier, I have found this series to be so fascinating because of how it displays the transformations a person can go through. It’s one of the few shows in history where we have our protagonist (Walter White) transforming into an antagonist. Walter White is a chemistry genius, and in the series, Walter White says that chemistry is the study of change, which fits the show perfectly because all the characters in the show go through some type of change. But I found it amazing how one person’s bad decision can affect so many. Walt ended up becoming a pathological liar because we all know that once you say one lie, you have to think of another one to cover it up. The lies became normal to Walt, nothing was going to get in the way of Walt’s alter ego “Heisenburg’s” kingpin. And the lies just kept going on and on till he just couldn’t get out of it. There is also another saying I was always taught that I feel is symbolic to this show: That is “everything that looks good to you is not good for you.” Sometimes we let our temptations get into the way of things that really matter in our life. Walt had numerous times to get out of the meth business, but he decided he wanted to stay in the game because the temptation of being the head of a kingpin was just too great. Well, we know how this ended up for Walt. His temptatoion got in the way of the things that deep down really mattered to Walt, such as his family. Everyone that watches the show knows that family is the one thing that Walt really cares about; it was the only reason why he got into the meth business. Now Walt has unfortunately dealt with things that he could of never dreamt of happening, such as people in his family getting killed or him having to do the killing. The temptation led Walt into a quandary that he wishes he never went into and now he can’t get out of. In life I feel that we can put ourselves in similar situations. We all make questionable decisions that we would like to take back, but when temptation comes seeking again, can we flee from it or will it be too late? Walt failed to do that, and now we see what kind of situation it has put himself and his family in. We will see how this all ends for the great “Heisenburg” tonight. We’re in for an epic series finale. But even though this is a non-fiction TV drama, let’s let Walt’s misfortunes teach us a life lesson: Let’s not let anything take us from the things that matter most to us in life.


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