Jobless With A College Degree: An Alarming Statistic

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

After years of putting in countless hours of hard work, tiresome all-nighters, expensive tuition, expensive textbooks, and extremely demanding classes, it is now that time all college students look forward to doing: walking the stage with your hard-earned college degree. What a relief it is! But now what? Since you finally have the college degree, what is the plan now? What shall I do with it? Well of course the plan is to go out and find a career in your field of study that requires a 4-year college degree, but unfortunately for half of college graduates nowadays, this is not the case.

According to a Forbes magazine article, half of college graduates are working jobs that don’t require a degree. This is an alarming statistic. As a current college student, this is an issue I feel a lot of students of today should be concerned about. After all the long hours and college debt(which takes years and years to pay off) that I now owe, I still find myself jobless or with a job I could of had without a college degree. I’m just being honest, but this an issue to me that can be very fearful. I tell my roommates all the time that I do not want to be a college graduate that has to move back in with his/her parents for the time being because I cannot find a job in my field of study. Unfortunately, this is what college students of today have to come to realize. Jobs are not as easy to come by post-graduation like they used to be, especially in this economy we are in. I tell my mom all the time that it just seemed a lot easier to find a job after college back in her day. It’s almost as if that job was just waiting for you as soon as you walked the stage. Now I don’t want to play the role of devil’s advocate with this blog post. I’m actually writing this post to stress another point: That point is that we do not have to be a part of this statistic. Even though I am a college student in a time where jobs are hard to come by, I refuse to let myself be a part of this statistic. I just can’t, especially after all this money my parents have put in for me to get a college degree. I do not in anyway know what it takes to ensure you get a job in your fied post-graduation, but I have had some advice from certain professionals on how to make sure you get that job once you have that hard-earned piece of paper with your name and university on there.

1. Network,Network,Network– We are in a time when networking has never been so vital. I know most of us have heard this statement: “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.” I’ve been told by many people that this statement is absolutely true. It’s how most people are getting jobs nowadays. Employers have a huge pile of resumes to look at, so they go with a lot of people who they are familiar with. We should be doing things such as attending networking events in our field, career fairs, LinkedIn and internships. Once we graduate, our networks should be growing.

2. Don’t wait till you graduate to start looking for a job– I am currently a senior at my university, so I’ve come to realize that I need to be speaking and networking with employers right now! Once May hits, and I walk that stage, I am all by myself. I was told that the biggest mistake a lot of college graduates make are that they wait till they graduate to start searching. By that time it is too late because a lot of companies have their candidates on who they want to hire. We must constantly keep networking with employers during college so that they know we are wanting a job post-graduation.

3. Continue to build upon your resume– Once we decide what we want to do with our degree, we should have a resume ready. But not after graduation, it should start as soon as we enter college. Once we make that resume, we need to do things so that we can continue to add to it such as: professional experience, internships, blogs, volunteer work, college organizations and fraternities/sororities,etc.

4. Don’t give up your search– Once you graduate, that job may not be there for you. But don’t be discouraged and give up. Continue to network and just work hard to show employers you are a valuable asset. Note to us college students: the grind does not stop after we walk the stage, it’s actually just beginning! Don’t be afraid to do internships after you graduate. I’ve been told by a lot of college graduates that they were hired full-time after they interned with their company post-graduation. A lot of us are not going to get a job right after graduation, but we cannot quit! That job will eventually be there waiting for us.

I’m sure there are more things we can do to ensure that we have a job in our major post-graduation, but those are just some tips I was told to abide by from certain professionals in my field of study. Like I said earlier, I didn’t want to scare anyone by playing devil’s advocate with this blog post, I just wanted to make sure my fellow college students were aware. Times are different now, but that’s okay. We just have to work a little bit harder, and we won’t be apart of that statistic. Hey, here’s the good news: half of college graduates are actually getting their dream job in their field of study post-graduation!

CLICK here to read the Forbes article I mentioned in the blog post!

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