Accident Waiting To Happen

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

OK, it’s rant time: You all saw the game. Yeah the Cowboys lost, it hurts, but it’s not the lost that angers me the most. It’s the way how they repeatedly lose. I try to be as optimistic as possible when it comes to my Cowboys, but I cannot do that on this day. Blowing games like that are the reason why the Dallas Cowboys are far, far away from winning a super bowl championship. Yes, there will be games that you’re going to lose, but to lose game like that is just inexcusable. And the sad things is that it happens over and over again. It has now come to the point where it’s expected. Like I said earlier, it’s the way how we lose that infuriates me( if not all Cowboy fans) the most. If you’re going to lose, just get beat by 20 points and be done with it. Save us some time go do something else on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. But NO, not the Cowboys, they don’t know what it means to just lose normal. The Cowboys love to tease you. They’ll get you excited till the very end of the 4th quarter, and then that’s when disappointment hits. I can see it happening right now: The Dallas Cowboys will be 8-7 and the New York Giants/Washington Redskins(no Eagles) will be 7-8, and it’ll come down to the last game of the season. Whoever wins its last game will get a spot into the NFC playoffs. Well, I’m not going to even bother to finish this scenario. I think we all now how this episode will end. Sad thing is that it may actually happen. The Cowboys haven’t given me any reason not to believe it won’t.

If anybody watches the show First Take on ESPN, you’ll know that Stephen A. Smith has a quote that he always uses when referring to the Cowboys: “There an accident waiting to happen.” I’ll usually just shake my head and disagree with Stephen A. Smith, but today I must admit that Stephen A. Smith’s comment were vindicated. He has been right this whole time, and I as a die-hard Cowboy fan have been delusional about my team. We’re probably not going to Super bowl, we’re probably going to find a way to miss the playoffs, and we’ll likely keep losing these disappointing games. I’m not sure what it is about my team, but it’s almost like the Cowboys have this omen that follows them around. The Cowboys are like their own reality TV show. They have three things that make up good reality TV: drama, divas and their entertaining. VH1 has a new show called “Love and Cowboys.” In all seriousness though, it’s hard for me to be optimistic about a team that has repeatedly lost games in such a disappointing way. But hey, they’re the Dallas Cowboys. No one does knows how to lose in such a spectacular fashion like the Dallas Cowboys. They’ll likely find a way to get me excited about the team again, and then when that time hits, I’ll get disappointing about them ONCE again…. Rant over!!! (takes deep breath)..

Watch this video featuring Stephen A. Smith discussing the Dallas Cowboys


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