What to make of the Dallas Cowboys

A roar of boos swiped across the stadium, frustration began to set on the faces of the players, the team’s star wide receiver walked to the locker room while time was still on the clock, and after the game, the Dallas media came swarming in with questions with what exactly just happened in front of our very own eyes. Does this scene sound familiar to you? For Cowboy fans (and even the NFL viewing audience), Sunday’s game was not just a once-in-a-season type loss, it has been the norm for the walking atrocity known as the Dallas Cowboys. This is me speaking for all Dallas Cowboy fans: We are not as shocked about this recent disappointing 37-36 loss against the Green Bay Packers as some critics (or haters) may believe. For as demoralizing as this statement may sound, it has now come to the point where the Cowboys’ mediocrity is expected. I actually feel that using the word “mediocrity” is an understatement. No team, in NFL history, has lost in such dramatic fashion more repeatedly than the Dallas Cowboys. It is something that has become incomprehensible for Dallas Cowboy fans and critics. But yet, the fans (including me) continue to support this subpar, mediocre franchise in so many different ways. We buy the expensive tickets, we sport the memorabilia, and most of all, we continue to watch the games. I look at the Dallas Cowboys how a parent may look at their troubled child: For as much as they continually disappoint me, I will never stop loving them, and for some unexplainable reason, I still internally believe they will come through. You can call me oblivious, but that is just my heart speaking; I think I speak for the majority of Cowboy fans as well. A franchise that was once celebrated because of the greatness of Roger Staubach, Michael Irving, Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, and many more all-time greats, is now considered the laughing stock and punching dummy of not just the NFL, but American sports.

Is it possible that losing in such dramatic fashion has become apart of who the Dallas Cowboys are? I used to become frustrated when critics would questioned the Dallas Cowboys as a respectable franchise in the NFL, but now, I am starting to believe their criticism has some merit. It is unfair to the Dallas fan base to watch what this team puts forth on the football field each and every Sunday. Although I feel sympathy for him, it is time for the Cowboys’ owner/GM, Jerry Jones, to not be oblivious to the fact that his team is no more than just an average football team. They’re merely just an entertaining reality TV show that is filled with dysfunction. But yet, Jerry Jones continues to believe that what he puts on the field will produce different results – the definition of insanity.

Yesterday on his weekly radio show, Jerry Jones was asked if he was afraid of fan apathy. He said, “Not with games like the other day. That’s, you know, that’s a show, if you want to look at it that way.” I’m not here to scrutinize Jerry Jones, but I believe that those type of statements define Jerry as a GM – More into the being entertaining business than actually winning games. Statements such as that are what infuriates his fan base. I’ve been a Jerry Jones apologist, but it is time for me to get rid of my Dallas Cowboys’ fan bias and speak with some objectivity. For as much as a marketing genius Jerry Jones is, it’s time for him to hand in his general manager card, and give it up to someone else with more experience. Jerry has an eye for making money, but not one for spotting out football talent that can coexist. Problem is, I’m not sure that Jerry has yet to realize that.

Has the Dallas Cowboys’ glitz and glamour become a detriment of the team’s success? It is clear, to me, that this team cannot live up to the expectations that comes with putting on that Dallas Cowboys’ star. Billion-dollar stadium, five super bowl championships and a plethora of NFL Hall of Fame legends on the ring of honor, but this current team that Jerry has ensembled cannot live up under the spotlight of the Dallas Cowboys’ famed legacy. With a quarterback that perfectly fits the mold of the team’s reputation, a head coach that seems to be more of a puppet of the owner than an actual head coach and a defense that is all-time bad, it is evident that the team is in a state of dysfunction. But like I said earlier, is it really anything new that we’re accustomed too? Since the last Super Bowl win, the Cowboys have had a grand total of two playoff wins. This is not anything new for Cowboys nation, I just feel that the fan base has finally become fed up, and we no longer accept to be bamboozled by what Jerry claims this team to be. We’re tired of being mediocre, and we want to get to the days of glory when the Dallas Cowboys’ star was actually symbolic of excellence. It used to be something special about the Dallas Cowboys that was just indescribable. To the eye-catching blue and white of its jerseys and the infamous hole in the roof of the now demolished Texas stadium, there was just something about this franchise that was special. Sad thing is, we still have the ‘it’ factor. Winning is just no longer apart of that special aura we once had as a glorified franchise. But what should we come to expect as we go through the same turmoil every year. After all, in the words of former NFL head coach Dennis Green, “They are who we thought they.”


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