Top 3 iconic plays of the sports year

The year is almost over, and with that, it adds to another exciting sports year that will be placed in the archives. I personally found 2013 to be one of the more intriguing sports years I have ever witnessed since I’ve been alive. But not only did I find the year of 2013 to be exciting, I also found this year to be quite unique. We saw the demise of superstars (Derrick Rose), great players adding on to their legacy (Lebron James), a team standing behind its city after a tragic terrorist attack(Boston Redsox), and unfortunately, the use of the “N-word” became prevalent in sports… again (Riley Cooper and Ritchie Incognito). This was not only a year about athletic competition on the playing field, but it was also about the story lines (most of them negative) that were occurring off of the playing field as well; I believe this year we (as sports fanatics) discovered something about the athletes we root for: For as great as they are at their particular sport – which we love, they can be just as flawed as human beings. I do not recall a year in which so many athletes were being publicized on incidents off the field. But with this smart phone, social media-driven society, athletes now have less privacy, and their lives are always on camera; It results into us, as the fan, finding out more things about the athlete’s personal life. We didn’t like Johnny Manziel’s s rock star party life style, we were appalled to find out that Lance Armstrong is a liar and cheater, and we were confused about Manti Teo’s so-called mysterious hoax girlfriend. Those were just several of the many off-the-field incidents, but in this year of 2013, it could possibly be apart of what sports is. I expect to see similar stories in 2014.

One of the main things I love about sports is the excitement. The excitement gives us a chance to escape reality, for that moment, and enjoy the times that will always be memorable. In my opinion, sports gives us self-fulfillment. There were so many of those moments this year, so it would be impossible for me to put every exciting play that happened in this one post. But there were some plays that happened this year that I think will be remembered as iconic. Here are the top 3 plays, in my opinion, that happened this year. CLICK the titles to view the play.

David Ortiz’s grand slam in the World Series

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

They were down 5-1, bases were loaded, and David Ortiz was next up to bat. The pressure didn’t only mount on Ortiz and his teammates to win the World Series for themselves, but they were doing it for something bigger. The city of Boston was going through recent turmoil because of the horrific tragedy that struck the city during the Boston Marathon. So it was already poetic for the team to make it to the World Series. But on this Game 2, being down 5-1, with the bases loaded, David Ortiz seized the perfect chance to give his team hope by hitting a booming grand slam that had all of historic Fenway Park roaring. After that grand slam, it just felt like the Red Sox were destined to get this championship done for the city of Boston.

Auburn beats Bama with field goal return

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

We heard all year about how unbeatable the mighty Crimson Tide were. With three national championships in the last 5 years and its alpha male of a head coach (Nick Saban), it was almost inevitable that Alabama would make it to the national championship game and be favored to win it. But their SEC rival, Auburn, had something to say about that, and the game poetically ended with one of the more exciting plays you will ever see. Alabama decided to attempt a questionable game-winning 57 yard field goal. Unfortunaletly, for the Crimson Tide, the kick fell short and Auburn senior Chris Davis ran – to what almost seemed like an impossible return at the moment – a 100-yard return that would give Auburn a miraculous win and would take down the defending champion Crimson Tide.

Ray Allen’s 3 pointer in the 2013 NBA Finals

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

In my opinion, this is the biggest shot in NBA history. The Spurs were literally seconds away from winning their fifth NBA championship. Tracy McGrady – who has only won one playoff series in his illustrious career – was quoted to saying, ‘he could smell and taste the champagne.’ But then Miami Heat guard Ray Allen hit the three-point shot heard around the world, a shot that would hit the Spurs right into the heart. It was so quick and smooth, similarly to what every Ray Allen jump shot looks like. But this shot just looked a little bit smoother than usual. I can still hear ESPN play-by-play commentator, Mike Breen, saying his trademarked “BANG” call as soon as the shot went down. The game wasn’t over for the Spurs, it went into an unexpected overtime. But it was mentally over for the team. Everyone just knew it was no way the Spurs could mentally recover from such a shot, and the same would go on for the Spurs in Game 7. The Spurs had a chance to win the championship in Game 7, but the game was really already over before it started. It was all because of “the shot” by Ray Allen. The NBA lived up to its slogan that night: Where amazing happens.

Like I said earlier, there is no way possible I could fit every amazing play in this post. But here is a montage of every miraculous play sports provided us with this year. Take a quick moment just to look at it; this is why I love sports. Here’s to an amazing year of 2013 in the sports world. If it carries on to 2014, we could be in for another exciting year again.


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