The L’s of Longevity

Me and Glenn Morshower after his presentation
Me and Glenn Morshower after his presentation

This past weekend, I got the privilege to attend a national conference among other aspiring professionals. On the first night of the conference, the guest speaker was experience actor and producer, Glenn Morshower.

Glenn Morshower has a long resume of accomplishments in the acting industry. If you’re not familiar with some of his work, he is most famous for his role as Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce on the TV series, “24.” He also has been in other roles such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Law&Order SVU, voice of Agent G in popular video game Call of Duty,etc.

As Glenn Morshower began his presentation, I instantly noticed one thing about him: he was definitely an enthusiast of life. I could tell that his enthusiasm has helped him prevail throughout life. During his message, he mentioned numerous times about how his marriage with his wife has lasted 30-plus years. The audience appeared to be captivated by the longevity of his marriage, but he also wanted to correlate the concepts of longevity to long-term success in all aspects of life.

Here is what he presented to us..

The L’s of Longevity

Like – Glenn Morshower simply said to “like” what you do. like your job, like your friends, like your significant other, and most of all, like everything about your life.

Love– This one is similar to “like”, but it’s taking it a step further. We should love thy neighbor.. If you go into any relationship not loving, it is destined to fail. He was not just talking about relationships among our significant other, he was also talking about a relationship with everything in life. He mentioned that when it rains, in response, most people negatively comment by saying it is “nasty” outside, but instead, how about looking at things from a different perspective for what they are? We should just be thankful and love what we already have. The earth actually needs the rain; without it, everything living on planet earth is dead. His key message for this “L”: Stop the hate, and just love things for what they are.

Laughter– This “L” is maybe the most essential asset to life. Everyone must laugh. It is the most effective medicine in the world. It is actually scientifically proven that laughter can help heal faster than anything. So just laugh, the result will help you feel so much better. Accomplished comedian, Steve Martin, once told Glenn Morshower that it is impossible to be depressed while playing a banjo . Picture the imagery of one of your best friends playing a banjo, and see if it helps you smile.

Listening– This “L” is just the key to learning new things everyday. Our brain’s are programmed to take in new information every day; utilize it. Just listening can be the root of great things happening for us in life.

Letting Go – We may not be happy about everything that has happened in our past. But there’s good news: it’s all in the past, so it’s just time to let it go. God wakes us up every morning for a reason; he’s not done with us yet. Glenn Morshower had a quote about this “L’ that I absolutely loved: everyday, you’re waking up to pure potentiality.

Overall, there was a lot to be learned from his message. There’s two more quotes from Glenn I want to leave you with:

We are all magnifiscent creatures behaving as if we’re not

If there’s one mission statement I have for my life, it would be to stand before my maker when it’s all over, and know that no one could of done a better job in my body.


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