Are the Dallas Cowboys good or bad PR?

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

There’s a team that I am very passionate about. If you do not know who that team is, it’s the Dallas Cowboys. I look at my Dallas Cowboys as my troubled child: they may put me through a lot, but I’m willing to stick with them through the hard times because I know there’s a better day ahead(I think). It’s ironic that a public relations major, such as myself, is a Dallas Cowboys fan because it seems as if the franchise is always in need of some positive PR. Every casual sports fan knows that the Cowboys have been nothing short of mediocre for the past decade, but one area that the team has excelled in is making headlines off the field. Just this past month, the team has provided us with plenty to talk about for days. I will analyze a couple of the story lines that caught my eye and will decide whether it’s good or bad PR for the team.

Good PR or Bad PR

The Dallas Cowboys sign first openly gay NFL player Michael Sam to practice squad

Most people know that football player Michael Sam is the first active NFL player to publicly announce that he is gay. He was drafted by the St. Louis Rams as a 7th round pick, but was recently cut by the team when it made its final roster picks. It instantly caught the Cowboys attention, and they responded by signing Michael Sam to the practice squad. The Cowboys signing of Michael Sam is good PR because it shows that the team is not discriminatory of an openly gay player; it’s obvious that there were teams in the NFL hesitant to sign Michael Sam just because of his sexuality. If a franchise is not winning, it’s important that it finds a way to maintain a good relationship with its fan base, and I believe the Cowboys attempted to do just that with this signing. But it’s not just his sexuality that makes him depart, I believe Michael Sam is a uniquely great football talent, based off his college career and what he showed us in the preseason. Overall, good PR move for my Boyz.

The Dallas Cowboys welcome back Josh Brent

Josh Brent will always regret the night when he was driving while intoxicated with his best friend(also a Dallas Cowboys player at the time) in the passenger seat. Unfortunately, Josh Brent had a major car accident and killed his best friend. Brent was recently released from jail for this incident, and surprisingly, the Dallas Cowboys said they would welcome Josh Brent back on the team. I’m all about second chances in life, and I feel very sorry for what Josh Brent has had to go through. But I also believe that playing professional football is not a right, it’s a privilege. In my opinion, Josh Brent should not be playing football, due to his poor decisions, but the Dallas Cowboys do not see in that way. The majority of the fan base is questioning this move and wondering what are the team’s morals when it comes to issues such as drinking and driving. It’s a serious issue in this county, so does it come off as if the Cowboys are condoning it? No not at all, but there must be some major penalties for such a horrific decision. I believe this is bad PR for the Cowboys. But, if Josh Brent ends up playing good, the fan base and team will forget about it.

Are the Dallas Cowboys good or bad PR?

Here’s the most important question of the whole post: Are the Dallas Cowboys good or bad PR? Well, let me begin by saying that the Cowboys are the most polarizing team in American professional sports. They’re not labeled as America’s team for no reason. For as bad as the Dallas Cowboys may be on the football field, they’re just as good for the NFL. Other fans love to see the Cowboys lose, but the NFL loves it because it drives people to their TV sets and increases the league’s revenue. Whether the team is good or bad, the Cowboys will always be great for the NFL. This is why the Dallas Cowboys, in my opinion, are good PR for the National Football League.


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