What other companies and public relation firms can learn from Starbucks


I’ve never been much of a Starbucks person! I never understood the concept of me paying 5 bucks for a cup of coffee when I can just stop at the nearest Quick Trip and get the same size cup for a $1.40. Beats me though! Every morning when I drive past Starbucks, there is a mile-long line with loyal customers waiting to get their cup of Java for the day. But hey, it’s their money, and I can’t tell them how to spend it. Based off my opening rant, you can tell I’m not the biggest fan of the product and its cost. I may come off as very cynical of the brand, but actually I am not. Starbucks is one of my favorite companies in the world. It continues to expand because of its success, and, in my opinion, it’s because of this reason: understanding its consumers and willing to evolve when necessary.

Just a couple weeks ago, Starbucks announced that it is going to test express stores and tasting rooms. The concept of the tasting room will be a 15,000 square-foot interactive retail store. The express stores that Starbucks is looking to expand will sale a set of beverages and different foods. It will integrate a mobile payment system to speed up service.

It’s not a given that Starbuck’s new idea will be a success, but it’s also the prime reason why Starbucks continues to be one of the more profitable companies in the world. The ones that are willing to take smart risks always succeed. Society is continuing to change with the advance technology that comes out everyday. Everything consumer asks, “what can you do for me now”. It’s why there is a new smart phone announced as soon as your next one. We live in a microwave society that has to have everything now. Starbucks realizes that and has figured out its customers wants and needs.

What can other companies and public relation firms learn from Starbucks?

There’s a reason companies continue to be at the top year in and year out. Have you ever noticed that it is the same brands that continue to be successful every year? Just to name a few: Nike, Apple and the NFL. They all embrace change and look to try something new. I think other companies should do the same. Be willing to take risk, and if it doesn’t work, you just learn from it for the next time. The same goes for a lot of public relation firms. Traditional media tactics are great and all, but will it really separate your client from other brands? I would think not because every other firm is doing the same thing. Firms should be willing to strategically think outside of the box and know what the client’s consumers exactly want. Starbucks has seemed to figure that out, and so has Nike, Apple and the NFL. You can’t do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Starbucks hasn’t, and so shouldn’t you!


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