Think outside the cubicle: why it must go!


You walk inside your office, brew your first cup of coffee in the kitchen, walk back to your desk, put your headphones on, get in your own little zone and sit at your desk for 8 hours without interacting with any of your other coworkers. Sounds like a typical work day routine! I’m not saying that this is everybody, but this is the norm for a lot of people working in corporate America. On most job descriptions, you will always see the term “collaborative team environment”, but in all honestly, I think a lot of jobs lack that description.

In my opinion, one of the biggest problems in corporate offices today is the inability to engage everyone in the team’s main objective. A lot of people feel left out as soon as they enter their barricade of an office. So what point am I trying to get across in this post? I believe we as professionals have come to a time when we have to evolve. We must get rid of something that is continually handicapping us at our jobs everyday. That “something” is the cubicle most workers sit in everyday. I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh my God, is he really writing a post about a cubicle.” Yes I am, because I truly believe it has an enormous effect on our productivity at work. Corporate offices must make it a priority to remove cubicles as soon as possible because people come to work everyday feeling less and less important, which is setting your company up for ultimate failure. The cubicle belongs in one place: the trash.

Tech campuses and offices are designed to make sure workers never leave Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Tech campuses and offices are designed to make sure workers never leave
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The significance of getting rid of the office cubicle

So why must it go? Meta Wagner of the Boston Globe said, “when a creative writing student of mine recently acknowledged that being confined to an office cubicle was one of her greatest fears, everyone in class solemnly nodded as if it were a universal truth.” The millennial generation is not the type to sit in an enclosed space while at work. Yes, I know most jobs require you to spend most of your day on the computer, but removing the cubicle will allow the work environment is more free flowing. In an industry such as public relations, there isn’t anything more important than engagement and relationship building. So what good is a cubicle doing in a PR environment? Everyone has a different perspective that can highly contribute to a team. If the cubicle is removed from the office, I believe it creates a positive vibe inside the office that will benefit everyone.

Jeff Boss of Entrepreneur magazine said, ” Extraordinary performance only comes from an extraordinary experience, so how you feel at work determines how productive you are — or not. Getting siloed into a cubicle is great if you don’t like people (and great for others if you’re “that guy”), but studies have shown that cubicles do little to improve employee morale. In fact, the cubicle effect can actually lead to lower levels of trust and communication for the simple fact that human interaction is limited.”

Removing the cubicle from an office environment can instantly show positive results. Your office will look different, but some of the greatest business minds of all time believed in innovation. Change is never a bad thing, and it’s time to alter some things in corporate America. The time has come to think outside of the cubicle!

What do you think? Feel free to comment.


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