Tango Tab: an app that feeds you and the hungry


I don’t know about you, but I get fulfillment out of being a good steward. People who live a life in helping others, instead of only caring about themselves, will always have the most joy. I was blessed with the opportunity to be a marketing intern with a start-up company called Tango Tab. Let me explain in a simplistic way what the app is: basically when you eat, a person in need is fed. It’s an innovative idea that succeesful entrepreneur, CEO and founder Andre Angel thought of when he was dining at a restaurant and noticed that it does the bulk of business on certain days, leaving eateries under attended for the remaining week. He developed a business model that benfits the restaurants, its consumers and people in need. Every time you redeem an offer off the Tango Tab app, you are feeding a person in need. Better yet, the app is free.

So as you read this post right now, I want you to do yourself and the people in need a favor. Download the app on your smart phone, and you will instantly feed a person in need once you sign up.

I’ve never been the lazy man who doesn’t like to get up and get stuff done. There’s no room in this world for the lazy man to prosper, but even this app sets the lazy man up for some type of prosperity. Even lazy people are exerting some type of energy when they eat. I say that in the least comical way possible because I know some people do not like to use their “valuable” energy and time to help others, but Tango Tab allows you to help a person without using much effort. You simply choose one of the restaurants Tango Tab has partnered with and select an offer. For example, just the other day, I was at a Subway in Allen that has partnered with Tango Tab, and I found a deal that was buy one foot long sandwich get one free. As soon as I accepted the offer and received my delicious free Spicy Italian sub on flatbread( which is a whole grain that must come from heaven), I fed a person that is somewhere starving. How cool is that!?! And it’s not just fast food restaurants, it’s upscale restaurants around the metroplex as well. If you’re still not sold on the app,(which I have no clue why), let me give it to you this way! Fellows, let’s say you’re taking a girl out on a date, and you want to save some money, but simultaneously impress her as well. Let’s just be transparent here, us guys have all been there before. Well Tango Tab allows you to do that. You just have to explain it the right way when you’re telling your date about the app. It’s not using coupons. The word “coupons” sounds a little lame. Instead of using that word, say you are a philanthropist and currently working on increasing your philanthropy. Sounds like a hyperbole, but it’s actually true!

I felt like it was important for me to write this post because of three factors: the increasing prevelance of mobile apps and their effectivity, the importance of saving money and the goodness of stewardship. Tango Tab has developed a model that gives you the opportunity to practice all three. We’re college students! We’re always hungry, always on our smart phones and always low on money. Download this app now because it is one that’s worth using. You have the useless mind-consuming Candy Crush app on your phone, but you don’t have one that will feed you, save money, and most importantly, help others. Get the app now, and do something for yourself and others that is fulfilling.


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