Be Thankful


In honor of Thanksgiving and the coming holidays, I wanted to write a post to our class about being thankful. First off, I would like to thank my classmates and professor for an awesome semester. All of y’all are awesome people, and I enjoyed sharing the same learning experience with you. Secondly, as strategic communications majors, I believe that we should embrace everyone’s God-given uniqueness. That’s what I like most about being in the public relations industry. It allows me to communicate with different types of people from different backgrounds. Every day, I have the opportunity to learn something new from someone who comes from a different background than I did. These situations will better prepare me for the professional field I am about to enter. Also, I would like to show my gratitude of being able to graduate and have a college education. The time is near for the majority of us, and this is a time to cherish and be thankful for. A college degree is something that opens new doors and new opportunities. This degree does not guarantee us a successful future out in the real world. If that were the case, then the statistics of post-graduates acquiring jobs in their field would be substantially higher. It’s all about what we do with our college degree when we have it. There’s an everyday grind when we are in school, and there will be an everyday grind when we are out of school. The premise is to just be thankful in the process because we will all have different journeys once we leave our collegiate careers and enter our professional careers. Lastly, I believe it is our due diligence to give back in some way. It is a necessity for life, in my opinion. There are people who were once in our shoes as high school graduates and would like to learn about the college life. We’re all proactive people, so I believe we would be flourishing our communities if we helped younger students achieve their dreams through our education experiences.

In closing, the moral of this post is simply this: be thankful. Not just in our professional careers, but throughout the duration of our life. After college, there will be some of us who will go on to make lots of money, move up the corporate ladders and probably start up our own ventures, but there is nothing more joyful than being content with what you have. Nothing in this life is guaranteed, except for our contentment and joy in the season that we are in. A wise man once told me a story about a rich man who was never satisfied with what he had. He continuously invested his money to get more and more. Greed and pride took over his character. One day he had a conversation with a man who was considered to be in the “middle class”. The rich man looked down upon the middle classman because he did not have as much as he did. But the middle classman said something very profound and should resonate with all us. He said, “You may be rich, drive a nice car and own a nice house, but I have something that you will never have, I have enough!

Happy Thanksgiving classmates and I wish you all joy during your professional adventures post-college.


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