Bible Reading Time < Daily Devotional Time


It is early Monday morning and time for you to head out into the world. Of course, like all of us, this is a typical daily morning routine we must do before we head out: wake up, take a hot shower, brush your teeth, put your clothes on, drink your coffee, spend a couple seconds in your daily devotional app and head out the door for work. I admit that this is a great start to a typical Monday morning. However, is there anything you noticed we could have spent more of our time in?

God really convicted me of this. I knew that giving a brief second in my daily devotional app was great, but was it merely enough? In our daily routines, are we making enough time for reading, studying and meditating on the word of God, or are we making time for just a daily devotional?  The older I get, the harder life gets. The more I realized I need God in this hard world and spending just seconds in a daily devotional was not good enough for my soul. I began to realize how essential it was for me to spend more and more alone time in the word of God.

I am in no way speaking against looking at a daily devotional. I believe they are really convenient for our busy lives. However, I do believe it is a problem if we have substituted that for quality time with God through the reading of his word. The Bible was never meant for us to spend seconds in it and just go about our day. It was meant for us to spend quality time with God and give him our undivided attention as he speaks to us through the scriptures. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, this is your life book.

If we only knew the demonic forces that were after us every day, we would be more serious about spending quality time in our Bibles. We should wake up every day and be amazed that we even carry a Bible. It is the divine revelation of God. It has continued to endure generation through generation. It has changed the lives of many people in history and continues to do so today. Many powerful empires in world history have attempted to do whatever they can to get rid of the Bible, but all have failed (Isaiah 40:8). Why is that? It is because the God of the universe has spoken! This is not worthy of just a couple seconds of our day, this is worthy of a lifetime devotion. Do not just take a dip in the Bible, go for a swim in it. It is filled with all the wonders and glories of God!

It is evident that life in this world is hard and continues to get worse. But God is not unaware of this. He wants to use his people to redeem a broken world through his son, Jesus Christ. When God gave the young prophet Jeremiah his calling to testify to the children of Israel, it seemed as if it would be too much for him to handle for such a rebellious nation. But Jeremiah did not back down to the calling.  He did not just spend a couple mere seconds in the already revealed scriptures; he said that he “devoured” them. I pray that we all continue to stay in the word as God continues to reveal himself to us more and more.

When I discovered your words, I devoured them. They are my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, O LORD God of Heaven’s Armies.- Jeremiah 15:16




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