My “Big Announcement” Letter

man-walks-on-water1Hello friends,

I am writing this letter to you to let you know about the exciting things God is doing in my life. The past couple of years in my life have been interesting. I graduated college from the University of North Texas a couple years ago, and shortly after graduating, I embarked on a mission trip to a small European country called Albania. I was privileged with the opportunity to minister to Muslim teenagers and tell them about Jesus Christ. There were many salvations; since then, I’ve had the opportunity to teach and lead a young adult ministry. I truly believe that God was leading me to pursue a life in vocational ministry. So with that, through lots of prayer and consideration,  I am letting you know that I have decided to enroll into Dallas Theological Seminary (Houston campus)  to pursue a Masters of Arts in Christian Leadership. My classes will begin on January 16th.  The more I dive into God’s word, the more I see how God has used passionate, godly men to reveal himself to the rest of the world. I think of men such as Moses, Elijah, the apostle Paul, David, and when things really got bad,  God decided to come down in the person of Jesus Christ. It has inspired me to be a leader in ministry and the church. This degree will equip me for such endeavors. One of the reasons I chose Dallas Theological Seminary is because of its sounds expository biblical teaching and the notable alumni that have graduated from the institution.

It says in the Bible that it is impossible to please God without faith. I think every believer that has trusted in Jesus should take that leap of faith somewhere. Just like Peter, to fully discover that Jesus was the true God, he decided in faith to walk on water with Jesus. I bet it was scary at first, but I’m pretty sure at some point during his life,  Peter realized that walking on water with Jesus was the best thing he did. This is where I am taking my leap of faith. I have heard seminary is hard, but I want to be used and equipped by God to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

During my time at seminary, I will be working full-time and going to school part-time. I will be in need of two things: prayer and donations. I am looking for some people who can give a one-time donation or monthly supporters who are able to give $15, $20 or $40 per month to help cover the monthly tuition I still owe. If you want to give, you can click on my “Go Fund Me” page.. The link is   Also, I am looking for some prayer warriors who can add me on their prayer list while I begin this new endeavor. It is clear in scripture that God will not do certain things until we reach into Heaven through prayer and bring it down on Earth (Matthew 7:7). I believe prayer is just as important, if not more, as the finances because I  am confident that God will provide if I just ask him fervently; the Apostle Paul attested to this during his lifetime of missions (Philippians 4:19-20). Also, please let me know how I can help or be praying for you? If there is one thing where joy and purpose can be found in this world, it must be through Jesus Christ because everything else is just temporary. But Jesus is forever, and if you have put your trust in him, you will rule and reign with him in his kingdom forever in eternal joy. Thank you for reading and considering my letter.

Thank you,



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