My Time In Seminary Post 2: Growing In God







Hello All,

It has been awhile since I have been able to write to you about my seminary experience. I have had many things going on in my life since my last post about seminary, one is that I have recently gotten engaged to a beautiful woman that God has so blessed me with. It is an exciting time in my life, but as I stated in the earlier post about seminary school, I write these post just to keep you all updated so that you may be keep me uplifted in prayer as I pursue this new endeavor in my life..

Before I even enrolled into seminary, I had been blessed with numerous opportunities to teach, lead Bible studies and be a leader in the ministry. But the deeper I got into the scriptures, I could hear the call of God telling me to go pursue the ministry as a vocation. It is what I love to do, and there is nothing that gives me more life than to preach the word of God. The prophet Jeremiah said that it was like “fire shut off in my bones” when describing how his calling in life made him feel. But before I began this new journey I needed to go more in depth in the scriptures. I wanted to be able to teach all 66 books of the Bible and wanted to prove myself to God that I was worthy to lead and teach his people. My purpose in life is for everyone to see the goodness of God through the person of Jesus Christ who actually walked this Earth over 2,000 years ago. Many people fail to realize that the existence of Jesus Christ was so significant that the Earth had to reset its calendar because of his birth. Unfortunately, we live in a generation that wants to keep God out of everything, but yet it is impossible to keep the one who is the source of everything out of it. As C.S. Lewis would say, it is like cutting off the very branch you are sitting on. My goal in my ministry is to preach Christ in whatever I do, and it is my hope that my time in seminary will help me to grow in my knowledge of the word of God and to be able to go out and teach others about their Creator who loves them.

What I Have Learned So Far…

For my first semester I decided to take on nine hours of classwork while working full-time, and to say that it has been difficult would probably be an understatement. However, I do thank God that I have been able to do well in my classes so far. There are 3 things I believe God has been teaching me during my first semester of seminary. Here are my 3:

  1. God Gives Enough Grace Just For Today- When Jesus taught the disciples how to pray in the Lord’s prayer he gave them a model prayer, and in it he says “Give us today our daily bread.” I did not know the meaning of this till I began working full-time and now enrolled in graduate school. Although the days may get tough, God, our Heavenly Father, gives us enough just to make it throughout the day, and Jesus, God the Son, does not want us to miss that about our Heavenly father. The days can get hard, but I can still look back and say that God has given me the strength, and have learn to depend on God on a daily basis. See, it is easy to forget who the main source is when there is plenty in the storehouse, but then let the money start getting funny or have someone treating you crazy at work, and then you will begin to see who your sustainer is. As believer’s in God’s Son, Jesus, we ought to thank God everyday just for who he is. He will never leave nor forsake us.
  2. God Provides- There are so many great things to know about God, but one of the things I love about him the most is how he has a name for every situation that we have in life. The one name that is used most is probably Jehovah Jireh, which means the Lord will provide.

While pursuing my Christian education,  I knew that I would need the extra finances to enroll in some of my classes, and did not know how I would be able to pay especially starting off my first semester.  But I can testify and say that the Lord has provided for me in my first semester. Money has always been one of those things that has plagued us in our lives, it stresses us out because we never believe that we have enough of it, and when it begins to run, we start getting anxious on of we will have enough to survive. This is one of the main reasons why one of the things Jesus talked about most was money, he understood how it can easily get in the way of us enjoying our lives with God. We need to understand that there will be seasons when the money is looking good and when the money is low, but we should never forgot who is the main source of the money. The Lord knows when to provide for his children at the right time. For example, this past month I needed $600 extra dollars to pay the rest of my tuition for this month, and $600.00 can be a lot especially when you have other bills due as well. But little did I know that I was going to receive a bonus at work for $575.00 that same week. It was just the right amount for me to pay off the rest of my school. I had no idea that I was supposed to receive this bonus, nor did I know that it was going to be that much. But all I know is that it came at the right time, and I knew who provided it. This is why prayer is so important, the devil wants us to believe that prayer does not work. He wants us to believe that all we are doing is merely talking to ourselves while we pray. But I can attest to you that this mechanism called prayer works. When we pray we are addressing something in the spiritual so that it can manifest in the physical. I dare you to pray fervently to God about a situation in your life and watch what happens. Did you know that even before we start praying God already knows what we need, God says in Isaiah 65:24 that “I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!”

  1. Utilize Your Day Of Rest- As believers in Christ, we need to learn how to get out of the world system and how it says how to go about things. The biggest lie that it feeds us is that being busy means more relevance or importance. Have you ever notice that when you ask someone how they have been, the response is usually, “I have been busy lately.” This is not coincidence, this is what is known as Being Under Satan’s Yoke, and God wants to take you away from that. The devil has tricked a lot of people into thinking that God is not good. He may not give us everything we want at the time we want it, but the one thing he promises to give us is rest (Matthew 11:18). It is one thing I have learned that the world cannot give you. The world can give you a bigger paycheck, which can be a blessing, but it is not from God if it comes with more anxiety. When God created the world, it says that he rested on the seventh day. Why did he rest on the seventh day? He did not rest because he was tired, because it is impossible for him to get tired. He rested because he was finished. As people made in his image, we should model this same principle. What the world fails to realize is that the creator has given the Earth enough supply for us to have a Sabbath (a day of rest). The busyness of life can stress us out, but what God is telling us is to “stop it, take your day of rest because I am working it all out on your behalf.

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