The Call

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I felt the call of God on my life to enter vocational ministry as my love and knowledge of Christ continued to grow. The Holy Spirit began to transform my heart and convict me about not living a Christian life filled with purpose. I have made a firm decision to not leave this Earth without fulfilling God’s call on my life. I think it is the most important, we as believers in Christ and human beings, must discover about our life. What is our purpose? And when we discover what that is it is when we begin to be fulfilled and see God operate in our life. When you discover your purpose, it will be like fire! You will not be able to shake it off because it is a desire that God has put inside of you (Jeremiah 20:9). We were not put on this planet to just work a job, you can easily get fired from your job tomorrow, but you cannot get fired from your purpose. You can retire from your job, but there is no retiring from what you can do for the kingdom of God. You were not put on this planet to pay some bills and then go to the grave, Jesus Christ did not shed his precious blood for that. Jesus Christ went on the cross for us so that we could be saved and could be reconciled back to him as it was in the beginning of the world, but he also went on the cross so that we could spread the kingdom of God and live under kingdom authority.

I write this post to encourage you as a believer in Christ to not just settle, God has so much in store for you. As Christians in America, we have just settled for going to church on Sunday as the “abundant” life that Christ wants to give us. We have just settled with going to Bible study. In no way possible can that be the abundant, fulfilling life that Christ has promised No wonder why most of the world does not want to come to Christ, all they see is religious duty instead of an abundant relationship with the Creator.  I have been getting frustrated with myself because I know that I have not been living in my full potential that God set out for me when I was saved. The Bible itself acknowledges that it is living book, once it is put to use it will always come back with a return (Isaiah 55:11). There is a person inside of a believer that is bigger than the person on the outside. It is time for us to dream again and not just settle, we know that all things are possible with God and there is a world that is waiting for us to reveal the light of the gospel in whatever avenue he may allow us to do it. One of the biggest obstacles that may be holding us back from purpose is fear. A fear of man is one of the biggest obstacles that Satan can use to hold Christians back, and some of us, including myself, are afraid of what people may think when we become serious about the things of God. But I think we ought to not be afraid of being different, I believe God’s people are not called to be average. We are called to stand out, and we have been given everything that we need to accomplish that (Matthew 5:16). It would be unfortunate to live a whole Christian life and never hear a word from the Lord (1 Samuel 3:10). May we all not finish our lives without finishing our course that God prepared for us, may we all leave this Earth like the Apostle Paul and say “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”


3 thoughts on “The Call

  1. Continue to stand out, Jeremy! Like you said, God’s children are not average people. Proud of you for acknowledging your calling and preaching the gospel!

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