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What is the one word you come across a lot in the Bible? The one I come across a lot and has caught my attention is the word faith. The book of Hebrews gives us the best definition of the word faith: It says that faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. We may not know it, but we, as human beings, were made to operate in faith, and we operate in it every day. For example, when you get in your car to head to work you just have faith that the manufacturer who made your car manufactured your car to the point where you can drive safely in it. We have faith every time we sit in a chair, we believe that the chair will hold us and not crumble when sitting down. We have faith because we have confidence and assurance that it will do what it was meant to do, and we trust the maker of the object and the testimonies of people who have used that particular object.

This is what the Bible does for the believer in Jesus Christ. It assures our faith. We trust the writer of the book, God, and the testimonies of the people who have had experiences with him. The Bible is a book that is all about faith. We read stories of ordinary human beings who walked in faith and did extraordinary things walking alongside God. We have never seen Jesus Christ or his resurrection, but through faith, through the power of the Holy Spirit, our spiritual eyes have been opened and we have faith knowing that he is who he says he is. This has made a dramatic change in our life. However, I wish I could tell you that this faith walk is easy, there are many times when faith will begin to waver. There are  times when we will begin to wonder if Jesus really is who he says he is. Even Jesus’s cousin, John the Baptist, questioned if Jesus really was the Messiah( Luke 7:20). Well the Bible itself acknowledges that you can trust the Maker of life and strengthen your faith in Him by the testimonies of others. The Bible is filled with testimonies of people who have had experiences with Jesus Christ, this is where we strengthened our faith. And if that does not do it for you then you can talk to many believers in the world who have a testimony about Jesus Christ and what he has done in their life. Jesus’s name is famous all across the world, this reality really opened my eyes when I had the opportunity to travel to Albania. But there are still many who are still hesitant to put their faith in this man. Is he really who he says he is? Was he just a prophet or a wise man who just had some good sayings? Not at all, Jesus is in a category by himself. He is above any prophet or wise man. There have been many prophets in history who have claimed to received a divine word, Jesus came to Earth and may it known that he is the Word (John 1:1).  Anyone who has taken that leap of faith for Jesus can tell you that he is real. This is why people cannot stop talking about him: he is real and just that good.  This is what David was talking about when he said to speak out if God has redeemed you. If you are ever struggling in your faith, then go to another believe and they can testify about what God has done (Psalm 107:2). If you have placed faith in Christ and made him Lord and Savior, eternal life is freely given, but that it is only the beginning of your walk with God. For the person reading this who has not accepted Jesus and is questioning who he is, you have to start by believing and receiving him as Lord and Savior of your life,  and you will gradually begin to know who he is. He wants to lead and walk with you through life and enter you into the divine nature (2 Peter 1:4). But the devil, the enemy, is out to weaken our faith. This is when fear comes, which can ultimately lead to depression and the beginning of when a person begins to doubt there very existence on this Earth. God says that we do not have to ever fear again. Isn’t that an amazing statement? It is almost hard to believe, but God says that we do not ever have to do it again. It is very possible through faith. The Bible is a book that is filled with trouble, but in the midst of the trouble it shows God working in the midst of it. God never promised us that life would be easy, but he did say that we will go through. Did you get that? You may be going through something but you are going through, and God is working to reveal something new about himself. This is what faith is all about. Your life will never be the same when God is involve. There are no limits when it comes to your life when God is involve, but it all must start with faith.


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