About Jeremy


Hello all,

I knew about Jesus a long time ago when I was a little kid. He was nothing more than a good teacher I would read about every once in awhile in the Bible. I also went to church as well, I thought going to church established my salvation. If marking church off the list got me into Heaven instead of Hell, then I was down for it. But something still felt so empty. I knew of Christ but did not KNOW him. I went to church but was not apart of the church. I was missing out on the calling on my life. Recently, I was baptized again for the second time and rededicated my life to the Lord. Jesus has turned my life around. I live to glorify God and be a disciple of Christ. This is my story! By the grace of God, nothing dramatic has happened in my life, but I was still apart of a dead religion, and that is one of the worst situations anyone can be stuck in.  When I entered an intimate relationship with God, things starting to change. I was not held down to a religion I  had no chance of fulfilling. As it states in Hosea 6:3, we should all press on to actually know the Lord and experience the joy that he brings.

I look at this blog as a part of my ministry. I want to do whatever I can to encourage believers and lead non-believers to Christ. He did not come to rob us into life, but to lead us into a better more abundant life (John 10:10). We have to be aware that there is an enemy out there, and he is doing whatever he can to rob people from the beauty of Christ (2 Corinthians4:4). Accepting Christ is life, I hope and pray that we all do that!

Feel free to comment or message me on any post. I am always up for conversation. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy reading, and pray that it stirs up your affections for the Lord!


You make known to me the path of life;
    you will fill me with joy in your presence,
    with eternal pleasures at your right hand. 



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